You know there’s more reason to live than the one you’ve been waking up to.

And especially now. There’s more that you could be contributing, but you don’t know exactly the WHAT or HOW. Or maybe you do, but something gets in the way.

And you KNOW you can do it, but you can’t see past your existing commitments and time pressures…and those nagging voices that constantly poke you…

But when your hope turns into disillusionment when you don’t make progress, and you tread this vicious cycle of hope to disillusionment… and back again… you get paralyzed.


Are you ready to move from Paralysis to Power?

From Disillusionment to Destiny?

Holly Woods, Ph.D.

I inspire and mentor people who want to live into their sacred potential and create bigger impact through meaningful work. I help them awaken, aim toward and align with their one-of-a-kind, beyond-belief Purpose and release resistance to their own divine nature, so they can amplify their TruePower™ in the world.

I have facilitated transformation for 35 years among these exceptional people.

Are you ready to be among them?

I founded the TruePower™ Academy to guide people to live into their authentic lives and have Big Impact. I am an Integral Master Coach™, a Certified Purpose Guide™, have a PhD in Human Development, am a Professional Mediator, facilitator, practice sacred anatomy healing and many other innovative modalities. I’m also a veteran executive who consults with progressive companies to align resources and infrastructure with purpose and mission, through executive and team coaching, facilitation and training. Yes, I’m a polymath. The scope and depth of my capacity from 35 years as a transformational practitioner create a massive Toolkit to see you deeply and guide you into your TruePower™ and Purpose.


You are, without a doubt, more than you think you are.

Are you ready to find out
who you really are?


Take the Ready for What’s Next Quiz

and find out whether you’re ready for the next step into your inconceivable future.


It’s time for a radical shift.

To liberate your potential…to birth your next phase, …to claim the life you are meant to live.

The work you are here to do.


There never has been a time more urgent than NOW to unleash your full potential.

In our work together, we will catalyze your full potential

and achieve the inconceivable

by tapping into the

TruePower™ of Your Purpose

5-steps-1As you Aim toward your purpose that was lost in your amniotic amnesia you will rediscover your TruePower™ and Purpose. As you do so, you will Clarify who you really are and WHY you’re here, to move into a focused, directed and powerful version of your life.  You will Create an inconceivable vision for your life and maximize your presence and contributions. And you will Claim the magnificence of your TruePower & Purpose in order to express yourself fully on the planet.

5-steps-2As you Align with your innate power, you’ll release the unconscious mindset and habit patterns that keep you stuck and disconnected from your true essence. You’ll Reveal the default patterns that keep you tethered to the smaller egoic you. You’ll Relinquish the fear, doubt and limiting beliefs to align with your true self. And you’ll Revitalize your energetic, psychic, emotional and other imprints to to align with your authentic TruePower to fully manifest your contribution and impact.

5-steps-3As you Amplify your TruePower and Purpose, you’ll reimagine and reinvent yourself in the world to explore what’s possible. You’ll Imagine the inconceivable vision for your life, outlining opportunities available through your existing skills, talents, passions and purposeful direction. You’ll Innovate with minimal risk and feedback loops for focused direction. And you’ll Inspire successive wins through practice and intuitive guidance to live into an amplified and impactful version of yourself.

If you are a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Executive, or Social Change agent wanting to align your life or work with your Big Vision, let’s clarify your nuanced Purpose and activate the passion of your purpose so you can relax into your fullest self.

If you are a Visionary business owner or Leader wanting to strategically orient the Big Vision of your team or company, let’s clarify your Organizational Purpose and align your systems, resources, people power and branding/marketing to activate the power of your vision in the world.

With a focus on your unique evolutionary Purpose, you will release the fixation on your default life, and step into the life that is calling you.

It is more urgent than ever to stop drifting in life.

The pulsing rhythm of evolution itself will carry you- if you allow it. Now is the time to call on your unique Purpose to propel you forward.

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Andrew Venezia

While my external world looks similar, I’m relating to life from a soulful and purposeful place- it’s like having saturated color in a world that could often appear drab. I feel a freer expression of joy and love, curiosity, experimenting, the deep trust and feeling of home. Holly helped open me to a whole different way of being in the world, with a whole other world of gifts, capacities, and insights.

Founder, ThatGoodGoodCompany

Fabienne Mueleman

Holly’s unique combination of skills and traits (such as her professionalism, guidance, intuition, humor, sensitivity, deep love & care, to name just a few) and the invitations and stretches she extended to me during our work together helped me to gain more clarity and to integrate more deeply my commitment to my Soul Purpose. Holly’s insights helped me to tap into the nuance of the gifts I contribute that are unique to me that I must share with others.

Exec Director, Coach, HR Professional

Bob Harlow

I have a much deeper sense of myself and what I am to do and be in my retirement years. You were able to uncover my resistance and blind spots that kept me from sharing my capacity, and patiently guide me to have insight about and overcome them. Among your gifts, you are profoundly intuitive and capable of reading people at an energetic level so that you can guide them more effectively. Your skills are prodigious!

Database Developer, Artist, Performer