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The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life

The book is a storied expose on how Purpose lives within us, and right in front of us. I wrote it because it is time for us all to contribute our Golden Thread to the tapestry of humanity.  This book will publish in April, 2020.

Story of My Book

This book will dispel any notion that your life doesn’t matter. I’ll show you how your own nuanced one-of-a-kind Purpose is right there in front of you, waiting to be discovered, so you can listen to its whispers and let it guide you like a GPS to a more fulfilling and impactful life.  I’ll also show how your nuanced Purpose shows up uniquely at different stages of life (related to Stage of Consciousness), which is part of why we can’t see our Purpose so clearly.

Most people think or believe that:

  • Purpose is a job or career, or a passion, and that you usually figure it out as an adult, if at all.
  • Childhood wounding is bad, and prevents you from living a good life.
  • We are “defined” at an early age, which becomes the identity our lives get stuck in.

BUT, based on my 30-plus years of research and in activating thousands of clients to “find themselves,” and then to live powerful, aligned lives guided by their deep Soul Purpose, I’ve come to witness that:

  • Purpose is the seed that guides us throughout our life.
  • Passions and curiosities are indicators of Purpose, and jobs and careers are expressions of Purpose, but they are not inherently our Purpose.

In this book, I’ll demonstrate how Purpose shows up in different parts of our lives through our unique expression, and varied by the stage of human development.

Our childhood wounding is an indicator of Purpose, which we can use to uncover our Purpose as we explore and heal that wound. In this book, I’ll show why we’re required to do this “growing up”, and accomplish the developmental tasks at different stages of life, in order to fully express our Purpose.

Our Soul Purpose is evident at very early stages in life, as our soul pulls us in the direction of our longings. In this book, I’ll demonstrate how we sabotage that pull and limit our own evolution and purposeful expression.

This Golden Thread is evident very early, and somehow we miss it.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you’ll discover where to look for the Golden Thread in your life stories. I hope to instill in you the same passion and excitement that I have for living my Purpose. And then ultimately, I want you to use this book as a tool to help you watch for and create a different trajectory for a life with more meaning, intention, and success.


This book is due to publish April, 2020.

This purposeful present comes at the perfect time, shining light on our shadowy times. In an accessible and enjoyable way, Holly Woods gifts us with inspiring stories reflecting her vast life-lived experiences, shares her intellectual genius in synthesizing a massive amount of purpose work, and reveals a practical path for activating our own purpose.  

There are so many reasons I encourage you to read The Golden Thread right now: 

To understand the development of purpose over your human lifetime. To discover resources for discerning your own purpose. To be inspired by others’ remarkable purpose journeys. To immerse yourself in a rich variety of resources. To become part of our worldwide purpose community. 

Or to weave them all together to glean more clarity about your own purpose and discover your own golden thread. 

Whichever path you choose, know that we will all benefit from your commitment to becoming more of who you are! Holly, thank you for this massive missive. 

Susan Lucci

Purpose Guide, Circle Facilitator, Featured Author in "Purpose Rising."