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,Purpose Discovery, Activation & Integration

Reveal Your Golden Thread 2 sessions

is the only two step journey where you’re pretty much guaranteed to see how your ENTIRE LIFE has been On Purpose and the Golden Thread of your own life will clarify your next step so you can live with more Clarity, Confidence and make your greatest Contribution.

Your Inspired Impact™ Coaching & Mentorship 6 months

This 6 month Coaching & Mentorship program is a stepwise and iterative process to rediscover and clarify your Purpose. You will create a new identity for yourself, and claim the gifts or aspects of yourself that you’re meant to share with the world. You’ll release resistance to a life that is inspired by your Purpose, so you can release your limiting beliefs, doubts and fears that limit you, relinquish all the distractions, habits and false identity that traps you in a small version of you, and revitalize your true nature. You’ll reinvent yourself so you can move into optimal impact, moving into new roles,  innovating through  small bold steps into your purposeful business or career. You’ll be inspired by your purposeful actions to invite synchronicity and grace.

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