The following products and services are packages that have been created based upon client needs and request. Other services can be negotiated.

Founder Purpose & Vision Audit™ 4 hours

To understand the alignment of your business with your own purpose, we’ll explore your personal life/career arc, including your successes, hurdles and roadblocks. We’ll uncover the strategies you’ve used to succeed, and the blind spots that keep you stuck, both personally and in your organization. From this consultation, we’ll help you identify a road map for next steps.

Leadership Alignment Mentorship™ 6-12 months

The Leadership Alignment Mentorship is a stepwise and iterative process to promote flow and stability within your leadership structure. The Mentorship may include only the founder/CEO or additional team members. Elements of this process include assessing leaders’ developmental stage, leader coherence and alignment, provide capacity-building mindset and resistance training and coaching, claiming the identity of individual and organizational purpose, and create a rigorous set of leadership KPIs to keep the organization on-track with purpose and vision. A Leadership Purpose Alignment Mentorship will help you to: Claim your identity as a Leader in an evolving landscape, Be more decisive in decision-making, Gain clarity about direction and innovation Experience confidence and team cohesiveness Create a more powerful business aligned with the authentic expressions of who you are and what you want to deliver in the world for more impact and abundance. Fees based in participant pool.

Purposeful Products that Sell™

Using Purpose-based business strategy, review products with defined target audience and stages of human development as framework, define markets, and analyze resources to create purpose-aligned products, delivery systems and strategic user experiences. Fees based in 8 hour increments.

Mediation Services

As a Certified Professional Mediator and Facilitator for a decade, I can design and offer Alternative Dispute Resolution, Dispute Prevention systems, Facilitation and Negotation services for a multitude of purposes. 

Purposeful Leadership & Company Audit™ 8-10 hrs

This initial strategic Consultation will uncover the current stage of purposeful leadership, systems alignment and resource challenges. The initial conversation with you and your team or staff will get at the root of the most significant areas to resolve within the company, and expose initial blind spots or roadblocks for moving toward sustainable enterprise. Formal recommendations will be provided related to priority elements of the Purpose-Driven Business Design and next steps.  Consultation includes founder, key managers or partners and staff.

Business Alignment Blueprint™ Daylong retreat

Daylong retreat with Founder and key staff to review existing strategies, products, operational systems and align with purpose-based opportunities. Integrates design thinking and strategic planning with Purpose to review and address key challenges re: markets, resources, infrastructure, leadership and culture. Design proactive next steps. Initial interviews among founder and key staff and partners to precede retreat.

Purpose-Aligned System Design Upgrade™ 3-12 months

The Purpose-Based System Design Upgrade process will guide you and your team through a systematic System Alignment Audit, then a step-by-step and iterative process to promote accountability and quality through system coherence and alignment. Elements of this process include assessing the organization’s systemic developmental stage, define system congruence, promote upleveling and capacity-building for systems thinking, clarify the systems design and refinement, identify bottlenecks, and create a rigorous set of system KPIs to keep the organization on-track with system balancing activities. 

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Holly came in at a critical period of reorganization for the company. She brought the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and care while helping us pinpoint the bleeding point of resources that we were seeking but could not see because we were stuck in the trees. She’s a highly skilled communicator with a keen sense of how to use resources in complex systems….and she fit quickly in to our collaborative and fast moving environment. Would work with her again in a second.

Ben Schick

Former COO, Evolving Wisdom, Current President Strozzi Institute

I did a strategy day with Holly and in 8 hours we literally took my business apart and put it back together. Holly was very quick to understand and feel the essence of my work, and helped to shape it for greater success. Unlike so many business consultants, she doesn’t try to impose her ideas of how things should be, but allows the true nature of the business to emerge. Since then I have felt as if I am following simple instructions that were produced from our strategy, that are making my business into something I couldn’t possibly have imagined or created myself. By the end of the day I was already planning to make it a commitment for my business to meet with Holly regularly and bring more of her magic into the mix.

Sarah McCrum

Founder, CEO, Teacher, Author, Sarah McCrum Coaching

I’ve been given a map, a way of observing and tying together the loose ends of all the things I do that allows me to have more focus, and be more introspective and clear on how my gifts are expressed.

Michael Zelig

Founder, Michael Zeligs Productions, Start Motion Media

I have a much better understanding of myself, my capabilities and my business as a result of our work together. My outlook on life and in my business is dramatically improved.

Bill Kern

Vistage Chair, CEO/Founder, GoWall, Woodside Global Partners

Holly did terrific work for us at UCSF in preparing, designing, and facilitating our result-oriented staff retreat. Her thoughtful preparation included developing questionnaires and interviewing staff to prioritize key issues for us to address. She was skilled at exploring organizational structures, challenges, and alignment of staff with purpose. Her well designed and facilitated exercises produced tangible and effective solutions.I highly recommend Holly. She delivers results.

Michael Trevino

Director, University of California San Francisco

Holly is a visionary, brilliant colleague with the energy and insights of a whole team. In my collaborations with Holly, we engaged in a creative dynamic that pushed us to deliver an outcome that we wouldn’t have achieved independently.

Dawn Edelman

Chief Education Officer, The Shift Network