There are many days recently that I’ve wanted to go back into my chrysallis and curl-up til the imaginal cells had done more of their magic.

I’m obviously not ready for this world we live in.

Or so I tell myself after hearing a snippet of news.

Geez really…. And now that too?

We get scared when we feel powerless to do anything about how things are.


But what good is it for us to exist in that state of anxiety or worry? It truly doesn’t serve us or the planet to live from that place of contraction.

That sense of powerlessness is just our reaction to the world we live in…

…. or more accurately, our perception of how we THINK the world is.


Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows.

Focus (and joy and productivity) can elude us in times like these, when the cultural zeitgiest spreads fear like wildfire… if we’re paying attention to that, instead of what we know to be true in our own life.

When I catch myself in that contracted scared state, and recognize it’s just a state related to my body’s response to the world I live in – I amp-up all the things I know I can do to increase my joy frequency and hone my attention and attunement to the things that matter most.

I go to a deep meditation. I practice my energy hygiene. I listen to brain entrainment audios while working. I spend more time in nature. I laugh a little louder. I talk to friends who can hold a safe container for my anxiety. I increase the frequency of my gratitude practice. I dance a bit more wildly (if that’s possible).

And if I stop bringing the world’s events into my body and causing the cortisol to run amok among all my bodily systems, and pay attention to the energetic vibration that I hold within…

…and instead allow those anxiety-producing events to exist while living in a state of acceptance and calm…

I am much more able to stay in a productive creative empowered mindset, from the edge of my own energetic structure and beingness, than from a contracted and disempowered state.


When I live from a state of creative possibility, rather than a state of perceived gloomy certainty, I’m pulled into the inconceivable reality that exists beyond my awareness.

So when something scares me… downright keeps me under the covers…. Including my own nagging doubts about being or doing enough to make a difference….

I not only breathe and clear my energy structure and smile at the ridiculousness of my doubt and fear…

….but I also choose to focus on the possibility that exists beyond my knowingness.

Nothing is as it seems, and I can hardly imagine how amazing it really is.

And I pull back the covers and get back to work,.

I know a different future is coming when I believe in it.

Holly Woods PhD is a SuperPowered Healer, Coach and Mentor. She initiates and activates Reluctant SuperHeroes, Visionaries, & Innovators who know they have more profound work and lives to be fulfilled.

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