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It’s been a ride this year, yes?

And it’s far from over, the debacle(s) we find ourselves in.

Maybe you’ve been among those who have weathered the calamity of our political situation with calm abiding.

Or not.

If you’ve been in total Shock or Fear as you watch the dismantling of already barely adequate social structures to protect our food, water, air, and general social systems of education, support, health care, or the disabling effects of human-activated natural disasters or violence….this ever-deepening spiral of destruction…

… how do you know when you’re turning the corner into a DIFFERENT reaction to it all?

… that you’ve started to master the calamity and produce a different response – that has more possibility attached to it?

You know that Fear doesn’t serve you, or the planet. Fear ATTRACTS more fear and violence and mayhem and greed and other atrocities.

Fear provokes the worst among us- it incites more crazy-making and destruction.

So why do we do it- stay so bound to the fear of how things are or will be?

We do it because it’s the survival instinct of our limbic brain, and because most of us are not adequately re-programmed to ignore or move beyond that instinct. The neural grooves in our brains are too deep… too many world wars, catastrophic events, and childhood trauma have kept us in that narrow groove.

And… I sense the shift to something else. I bet you do too. Collectively, we’re on our way to a new future.

We are not bound for dystopia.


It is NOT written in the cards, no matter the naysayers.

A non-dystopian possibility is important to claim so we can have a collective renewal- a resurgent faith that there is some inconceivable future that doesn’t include this.

We CAN be free from the notion that sh*t will continue to break loose and it’s all death and destruction from here.

And the HUGE benefit to naming the shift…

We have to keep each other out of this limbic wasteland that continues to retraumatize us day in and day out…

…so we can help each other walk the Bodhisattva path to a saner and more conscious future.


So how can you tell if it’s shifting?

Here are the 7 Welcome Signs that Your Fear is Turning into Freedom.

  1. Your palms don’t sweat when you engage with the media. You find yourself breathing, albeit listening closely. Your heart doesn’t pound so hard, and your breathing is not shallow. Your nervous system is turning the corner on the shock and awe of  the madness. It’s still madness, but you’re not reacting the same way. Breathing is good because you can’t be creative if you’re in overwhelm. We need to be very creative now, more than ever.
  2. You turn off the media, or ignore it in the first place. Much of it is corporate garbage anyway, certainly not independently-sourced, and you’ve caught on that fake news is irrelevant.
  3. If you’re not one, you’re starting to sound like a Millennial. Or at least listening more closely. All the organic vegan sustainable anti-everything and #livesmatter way of being of this sensitized younger more purposeful version of the boomer hippie (they’re our children anyway) really does seem like a sound approach to a better world. If you agree, you’re “woke”.
  4. You notice the boomerang effect of the destructiveness. Different than what goes around comes around, there’s a loud and demonstrable nature of rebellious human zeitgeist right now. Because what didn’t kill us made us stronger, we’re learning to cope psychologically with the fallout of the mayhem by letting the destructive energy ping-pong off our resilient selves and turning up the volume of proactive retribution. Once it takes hold, payback is gonna be savage (millennial speak).
  5. You choose to disobey. Dare I say F*CK the Rules? To some extent, we’re beyond niceties any longer. We can no longer play the game of obedience, complicity or accommodation. You’re learning to stand up, speak out and be bold in your declarations. That’s freedom on fire.
  6. You’re willing to Live Your Truth. Whatever that Truth is, you’re choosing to be more of you than you’ve ever been. No more staid uniforms, career obligations, forced retirement or forgotten passions. It’s time to toss out the conscriptive rules of who you should be and live into your Purpose, Power and Prosperity. Dang it.
  7. You not only choose it, but you DARE to BELIEVE you’ll arrive there. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s another way to do this life. Maybe it means that you give up some of the things you thought mattered… Or maybe you do still want those things and know that the Universe creates a win-win scenario through its infinite energy. But you know you have to believe in it, above all else, for it to be true.


Oh… and a BONUS Sign that your Fear is turning into Freedom:

You know there’s SO MUCH MORE to you than meets the eye. You know that there’s so much you haven’t even begun to be or do yet. And you’re excited about that possibility. Because the rest of this… the mayhem… it’ll be a piece of cake when you live into your purposeful Superpowers. You’re certain of that.

Are you there yet? On your way? Or not quite there and still living in the Fear zone?

Regardless of whether these signs are showing up in your life… turn the corner and live into a greater version of yourself, with less fear and more freedom!


With great love, hope and commitment to our Evolution,



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