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What if, in fact, anything is possible?

Would you be grateful for that?

What if instead of it all feeling like it’s all a lost cause, we could reroute this train heading toward a cataclysmic breakdown of society and culture and economy and survivalist mentality? What if we could turn this around?

What if it’s not a Last Chance but instead an Open Door?

I spend a lot of time these days evoking this truth, in my body and heart and mind and soul – walking into the belief and the reality that anything is possible. That we don’t need a survival kit for the day when the world begins to crumble around  us, but in fact need the skills and tools and capacity now to live into our greatest potential.

What if everything we’re experiencing right now is an experiment to see whether we could live into just the possibility that you, and we, are SO MUCH MORE than we think we are…

… and that we needed to be provoked by the most horrific of circumstances…

… where everything we believed to be true or at least possible in our world was turned upside-down…

…that we needed to be pushed to the edge of our sanity…

… challenged to imagine that our very survival as a species is dependent upon our own Awakening…

… our own Up-leveling…

… our own Evolution…

… that we had to be so challenged that each of us has to decide whether we take the survivalist mentality and go buy guns and ammo and provisions to fight against the rest of our species when the apocalyptic phase begins…

… or decide to live into the possibility that you, and me, and all of us can actually live into the stage of humanity where we can collectively pull this off? That we can wake up to our fullest capacity, our potential, our vast untapped unimagined inconceivable reality that we have the resources to go where we have not yet allowed ourselves to imagine?

To imagine that we can go into the uncharted unmapped unnamed territory of what’s possible and create another civilization another economy another regenerative global community of people who fight WITH each other FOR the possibility that there is another way, and against the status quo of our existence that we are doomed?

What if we already know how to do this? What if we already have the answers and you just need to say YES to that?

What if you get to decide, today, which path you’ll take?

You get to be a Survivalist… or you get to live into the Possibility that you are a vast Magnificent Being who has well more capacity than you imagine and can create a different world to live in by Being just that?

Would you be grateful that the choice is yours to make?

Because you can, in fact, live into an unimaginable future. It’s not pollyanish or head-in-the-sand dreaming to believe that we can pull this off.

But you do have to decide, now, or very soon, whether you’re willing to live into your most inconceivable reality or not.

And we know how to do this, or at least I do, and I can guide you how to live into your most unimaginable future where you get to live into all that you are meant to Be and Do in this lifetime.

And THAT possibility, in fact, is what will save us. NOT what we’re doing now … THIS won’t save us.

The only survivalist toolkit you need is to imagine your inconceivable reality, right now, and live into the Power of that.

And it would help if you’d bring a few friends with you, to make the ride more enjoyable and to speed up this train a bit.

Would you be grateful enough for that possibility to make the choice to say YES to the TRUTH of who you REALLY are? Rather than choosing to live in your current conception of reality and life and what’s possible?

I invite you, dare you, to imagine that ANYTHING is possible, and that you get to choose.

And I’m grateful to have you at this party with me.

At This Party – Hafiz

I don’t want to be the only one here

Telling all the secrets –

Filling up all the bowls at this party,

Taking all the laughs.

I would like you

To start putting things on the table

That can also feed the soul

The way I do.

That way

We can invite

A hell of a lot more


With love and unfettered hope about our future,


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Holly Woods PhD is Founder of the Evolutionary Accelerator™ and the TruePower™ Academy. She propels visionary entrepreneurs and social change agents into their unimaginable future by disrupting the patterns and limitations that keep them from living their truth, and accelerating their full evolutionary expression.