Meet Holly Woods PhD  


Hi. I’m Holly.  

I enjoy working with visionary entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators who use their business as a vehicle to change the world. I help them get past their roadblocks to create meaningful products that sell and systems that work so that they can have more meaning and impact.  

I use my 30+ years of coaching-consulting background in human and organizational development, and two decades of practical experience building and scaling business, to help entrepreneurs uncover their nuanced purpose, gain the capacities and mindset to attain their unreasonable goals, and align their decisions, products and systems around what matters most. 

I earned my PhD in Human & Organizational Development and am certified as an Integral Master Coach™, Purpose Guide™, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, a Master Energy Practitioner, and use the Stages of Consciousness as a Developmental practitioner.

Look for my upcoming book The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life to be published in April 2020.