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Humanity in general has an indomitable spirit.

I’ve been watching the sheer volume of people, organizations and businesses that are stepping up in the northern San Francisco Bay area to take care of the recent fires’ victims. Almost too many healers are willing to volunteer their skills at now hundreds of shelters across the north Bay area. Scores of businesses are donating profits, giving away food and shelter and collecting funds to support those who’ve lost homes. So far, 94 fire departments and 52 police departments have been involved in this firestorm.

This happens everywhere in the time of a disaster, anywhere on the globe. 

After a crisis of any kind, most people are thankful to be alive, and then want to know how to take the next daunting steps, like the seedling that emerges from the ashes.

It’s an unusual and conscious response to devastation.

Recovery has barely begun here, and long-entrenched issues about housing, traffic, environment and resource use will be up for discussion. And people are preparing for the discussions, no matter how challenging.


Yet, you personally may be dealing with the extreme heat of the shifts going on. What does your trauma-meter register these days?

Maybe you HAVEN’T been a victim to a disaster, and DON’T have a memory of the shock, denial, anger and blame that follows.

However, you’re likely experiencing significant grief or loss watching Mother Earth unravel.

The loss of expectations about “what should be” may be keeping you stuck in anger or denial….. or disgust at the economic and political systems that have brought us here… or fear of never again having the life you thought you were going to live.

Even if your “disaster” is not one of imminent crisis, you may be experiencing these same symptoms as those who have lived through a catastrophe.


And somehow you STILL have to return to a normal state, to get past the stressful state of adrenaline and cortisol running through your veins and that rapid heart rate before you finally return to a steady state so you can get back on track.

And you do, and we all do, more or less.

And in the broader public and social media, hard painful conversations have been occurring about racism, misogyny and sexual abuse, gender inequality, segregation and exclusion ….prompting deep confrontive, angry (yet civil) dialogue about how each of us perpetuates the abusive patterns of violence.

And most people aren’t shrinking from the conversations nor the challenges now facing us. Online or off.

What’s up?

I surmise that the zeitgeist is one of a quantum leap… the kind that can only happen when reality (life as you thought it was) has been pulled out from under you.

You have no choice but to leap to the next place, where there is some ground to stand on even if it’s made of a substance you don’t recognize.

We have reached the “tipping point”, and collectively we are at the precipice of entering the new paradigm of paradox.


We are holding anger and compassion, grief and joy, oppression and possibility, destruction and innovation… all with such grace.

The ability to hold competing perspectives, address paradox, and live in the uncertain and ungrounded reality of an evolving conception…


…among a group of loosely-held community members (whether it’s a neighborhood flattened by a raging fire or a 20K member social media network)… and even if you personally are flailing just a little…

…is purely indicative that we are indeed evolving.


And you thought the current political climate that pushed us to this brink was all bad?

And yet…. to be QUITE frank…each of us (and collectively) must have a GPS to know how to navigate in these waters, as they flood in.

Now more than ever, YOU and ME and WE need to know where we’re going. And how to survive (and thrive) in the waters there.

This GPS is no less than your own nuanced individuated Soul Expression.Your Purpose. Why you came back. The very thing you’re here to do.

No less.

“What’s Your Purpose?” is not just an existential esoteric spiritual question.


It is a very PRACTICAL question. Without knowing that, we flail. Without an alignment to that which we truly are- our own internal GPS- we end up in a distant land far from our internal still point. We end up misguided. Untethered. Lost.

And the crap that we’ve been enduring as a human species has happened because WE (collectively) haven’t been aligned with our full potential. We haven’t had our smart caps on.

Isn’t it time? Haven’t we endured enough?

It’s coming at us anyway… so we might as well pull out the turbo-charged 5th-dimensional rudder of Purpose and figure out where we’re going.

You with me?

With great love, hope and commitment to our Evolution,



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Be well out there, my friend.

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