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Activate Your TruePower™ & Purpose

Are you ready to Activate the TruePower™ of your Purposeful Life, rather than stay stuck in a career or life that no longer works for you?

Are you ready to align with your Purpose so you can have a life of more focus, meaning and abundance, but too afraid to make that “leap” because of the risk that entails?

If you know something is missing- a life of more purpose, meaning or abundance, and you want a life that has outrageously more inspiration and joy…

…and yet are trapped in the expectations of your current life – you’re afraid of the emotional, financial or relational “risks” associated with re-direction…

…then consider this your invitation to work with me to Activate the Power of Your Purpose Personal Coaching program, a unique transformational comprehensive yet step-wise approach to LIVE INTO your purpose that will:

  • unearth your deeper, more aligned life and soul purpose,
  • develop the specific purpose facets of your unique one-of-a-kind life,
  • move past the restrictions that prevent you from activating your purpose, and
  • develop an action plan and support network for taking that purpose into the world.

If you’d like to learn even more about this 3-month Activate the Power of Your Purpose Personal Coaching program, including weekly 75-minute sessions, between-session email access, customized homework practices and a personal guarantee of moving into a new life, let’s schedule a complimentary “Unlock Your Big Vision” session to explore whether this program is right for you.

There are many ways you can show up in a lifetime. How are you showing up?

More than likely, you’re living your “Default Purpose”, based in the fears, patterns, habits and life scripts of your childhood, rather than the one unique life you were meant to live. If you’re ready to give up your “default” – and instead live a life of REAL Purpose

… you’ll enjoy even greater personal satisfaction, more creativity, productivity and personal contribution (and BTW, more ease, joy and love)…

…and, you’re more likely to:

What Do You Mean- Activate the Power of Your Purpose?

When you’re in alignment with your Purpose, you literally activate the Power that is rooted in  your unique existence (Lipton, Bhaerman 2009), which then propels you into a flow state. And while you don’t need to understand the science behind a flow state, which is responsible for ALL of the profound innovations and breakthroughs in human history… …you do need to know that when you are aligned with your REAL Purpose, YOU can tap into this flow state, which is your personal energetic impulse in evolution- the Power of your own infinite uniqueness. And when you align with the Power of your Purpose, you liberate your personal brand of genius, the wondrous and radiant qualities of your unique self, which propels you toward a life of profound contribution and flow.

In fact, no one else can offer what you are here to offer.

By clarifying your purpose, you will tap into the passion, motivation, focus and clarity that only comes through a personal vision of your One Unique Life. The energetic flow from this alignment with your purpose will yield synchronicity, generativity and ease. Then you begin to make decisions and move in the direction of purpose, and everything aligns with you. If your goal is not just to gain possessions, but to come into possession of your fullest self, this work is for you.

Why You Need to Discover Your Real Purpose, Instead of Your Default Purpose

You know there is something more for you, but you still have doubt…your need for safety, security or certainty of the “success” ladder you’ve been climbing, keeps you from exploring what else is possible.

Your unfulfilled dreams lead to:

… sadness about not feeling understood

… stress about living into your deepest longing

…. sense of hopelessness that your life won’t “measure up”

… failed relationships because you’re not present to people that matter

… exhaustion from work that no longer matters.

And you’re not alone. Many of us who have been on this hamster wheel are exhausted from the efforting that hasn’t left us feeling fulfilled, satisfied or joyful.

If you are not living your Vision, you likely can’t see what you don’t know about yourself… and the uncertainty of the jump is just too great – emotionally, financially, relationally.

You know that jumping into that new paradigm – of finding and living as your fullest, most potentiated self – could disrupt your whole way of life.

And yet you can overcome the fear of leaning into your purpose.

Because the genius you are uniquely designed to bring in this lifetime will cause you to bring your talents and gifts and the deeper truth of who you are to the planet and to humanity. You are the ONLY person on the planet who can bring your REAL Purpose into being – so when you align with this you genius, you will begin to live into the hopes, dreams, and contributions you know are at the core of your Soul. You will also gain:

  • Clarity about life purpose and direction
  • Confidence to make decisions aligned with your purpose
  • Calm about the challenges you experience and strategies for resolving them
  • Power to live abundantly into your new direction

It’s Not Just About “Finding” Your Purpose, But Living Into It

higher-weSome programs or coaching will help you find your “purpose” through a few survey questions, or a quick review of your values or your hidden talents…

… these attributes, however, are not your REAL Purpose. And just knowing what matters to you won’t help you make the shift to a paradigm of self-awareness and self-acceptance that brings about Power of Aligning with your Purpose.

Finding, and LIVING, your REAL Purpose will require you to work with Six Essential Tasks:

Clarify your Purpose When you align with the energetic impulse of your purpose, you create harmony with evolution. The energetic flow from this alignment with your purpose will yield synchronicity, focus, generativity and ease.

Manage your Energy Management of the energy and energetic shifts in your life will create openness, clarity and stability, and allow you to focus on your vision of who you can be, rather than the everyday challenges and constrictions that keep you stuck.

Liberate your Ego Removing the ball and chain of your constrained ego will be like a “do over” in life, yielding creativity, innovation, joy, calm and gratitude.

Listen to Guidance Listening to inner guidance of your body-heart-mind-soul opens the doorway to direction from the greater field of consciousness, creating even more alignment.

Provoke your Imagination– Envisioning where you’re going moves your future from inconceivable to believable, so that your will and enthusiasm propel you forward.

Invoke Alignment – Integrating the elements of your purpose into your human body and life structures will yield sustainable systems along with support, nourishment and grace.


If you’d like to learn even more about this 3-month Activate the Power of Your Purpose Personal Coaching program, including weekly 75-minute sessions, between-session email access, customized homework practices and a personal guarantee of moving into a new life, let’s schedule a complimentary “Unlock Your Big Vision” session to explore whether this program is right for you.

Why This Approach Works When Other Coaching or Training Hasn’t

Activate the Power of Your Purpose Personal Coaching program isn’t like most “Purpose” courses or programs, and it’s even farther from most life, leadership or executive coaching. Here’s why:

One: You’ll Take a Deep Dive into Your Life and Inner World to Find Your REAL Purpose to Live the REAL Life You’re Meant to Life.

You begin by listening to the inner voices of your subconscious, and those of your guidance systems (yes, I’ll show you how!) to hear what matters most to you, discover your core powers, reclaim your vision for your life, uncover the gift you are here to share and the optimal ways for you to deliver it in the world. This goes way beyond most coaching or programs that either claim to help you find purpose but stop at naming what you’re good at and selling that to the world, or help you be in alignment with general values of integrity, authenticity and good character but have nothing to do with you personally (and why you’re here on the planet!).

Two: You’ll Clear Any Resistance to Living Your REAL Purpose So You Can Be Free to Follow the Dreams You’re Longing For

Most Purpose-based coaching or training focuses on finding “purpose” (albeit limited purpose, see above), without helping you uncover the unconscious (shadow) elements of your personality that would rather live comfortably in your default purpose (at all costs) and will resist (loudly!) your efforts to walk the new path to purpose. I will give you tools to name, honor, negotiate with (and even learn to love) the parts and voices inside of you that want to keep you safe, comfortable and limited.

Three: You’ll Vastly Expand Your Vision for Your LIfe (and Your Success) by Dipping Your Whole Body (not just your toe) into the Imaginal Realm

I bet your current life vision is pretty big (or you wouldn’t have landed here!). And, your REAL Purpose, that represents the YOU that is like no other, is SO MUCH bigger and FARTHER beyond what you can currently imagine, that you need to imagine newly! Your new Vision will be the Biggest Hairy Audacious Goal that you’ve never imagined- it will be almost inconceivable! And, you’ll gain skills for seeing (and sensing) in a different way that cultivates your connection to your future life. With more imaginary capacity, you will begin to envision hitting the bullseye of your BHAG purpose.

Four: You’ll Begin to Experience a More Open and Assured Approach to Life as a Result of Learning to Manage your Energy

We’ll work with the energetic qualities of the physical, neurologic and subtle systems in your body-heart-mind to bring about resolution of any “stuck” traumatic experiences, reactionary patterns or relational defensiveness, allowing a new openness, stability and dynamic energy. A new clarity will emerge that will allow you to focus on your vision of who you can be, rather than the everyday challenges and constrictions that have kept you stuck.

Five: Your Transformative Experiences Will Be Customized to Meet You “Where You’re At”, Your Personal Developmental Level

Most coaching or training programs don’t tailor the focus of the work or practices to your specific “location” in various developmental stages (research-based means of identifying what capacities you’ve developed so far). With this work, you’ll get developmentally appropriate and customized technology, tools, practices and coaching that suits YOU perfectly, so your effort will be value added.

Six: You’ll Begin to Integrate Your Newly-Discovered REAL Purpose In the World as You Integrate and Embody Your Purpose in Actionable Steps

As you begin to live into your new REAL Purpose, we’ll ensure that the new Purpose imprint is integrated into your “soma” so that you begin to walk and talk and take a stand for your Purpose. All action steps and support systems we generate together will be generated from this point of origin that is the REAL you.

Seven: You’ll Begin to Love Yourself So Deeply that You Gain Courage to Live Fiercely as Yourself, Without Regret or Hesitation

When you tackle these tasks – creating a BHAG Vision for your purposeful life, clarifying your REAL Purpose in that Vision, unleashing the ego restrictions that have held you back, harnessing the energy that will allow you to manifest, developing new “muscles” that build your developmental capacity to tackle this new life that is your Purpose, and integrating and embodying your Purpose… ….you will see yourself newly and without those old nagging voices that told you you were less than or not good enough. In fact, you will have such self-love and self-compassion that you can’t help but life deeply and fiercely into the Vision you’ve created for yourself, because of where you’ve been.

How It Works

When you join me in this tailored Activate & Integrate Your Purpose Personal Coachiing Program with 12 LIVE one-on-one 75-minute coaching sessions and customized homework designed just for you to begin to expose the REAL REASONS YOU’RE HERE in this lifetime, you have my assurance that I will serve you as a trusted advisor and guide. One of my Core Powers is to see people deeply in ways that others can’t. (Did I mention my deep intuitive capacities?) In fact, my “giveaway” (the thing I do without trying, an element of purpose) is to “speak powerful truths from the heart to shine Love onto Shadow and liberate the Power of Soul’s Purpose.”

So by helping you see yourself with clarity (which I can’t help but do), I’m guiding you a new life and doing what I was meant to do.

It’s a Win-Win. You get a bigger life. I get to share my Purpose with you.

The Nuts and Bolts of Our Work Together

In addition to our dialogue about what is occurring for you, we’ll use customized exercises, practices, guided imagery, journaling, meditations, nature encounters, readings and more (see below or More About Me for my training and experiences behind the awesome contributions I will make to your life!).

There are no shortcuts to this work. And, in about 3 months of our jointly committed work together, you will have a new direction in life. Period.

In this 12 Session Activate & Integrate Your Purpose Personal Coaching Program, if you commit to the work, you will begin to uncover how to have a new direction in life and devise next steps for living into that Purpose. Period.

This work will:

  • Customize coaching to your developmental level
  • Remove personal ego constraints you may have
  • Harness your personal energetic flow and resistance
  • Generate availability to the imaginal realm
  • Create a Vision and Purpose that liberates your potential
  • Propel you into Action, and
  • Identify your accountability network for success!

So you can be assured that these changes will indeed happen, I can tell you that…

I have more of the developed skills, aligned talents, resonant experiences, personal history, deeply intuitive knowing, compassionate and kind heart, and love for all of the special YOU in our humanity than you’ll find anywhere just about anywhere else on the planet. And I will be a STAND for you to find your Purpose in this life.

I will help you to Love Deeply, Be Courageous, and Live Fiercely.

We don’t have time to lose.

So, you’re in my sweet spot. Working with you unleashes my own energetic potential – the vast energy of the cosmos is on our side. We have that going for us, yes?

To work with me, plan on meeting WEEKLY for about 3 months. It’s possible it will take longer, depending on your level of resistance or stuckness. We’ll meet for 75 minutes each week, and there will be approximately 30 minutes of homework daily. Some weeks more.

What would keep you from signing on?

Hard to imagine, if you care about your one sacred life.

Is It The Right Time for You to Do The Work?

If you have a stirring in you, a surge of something that doesn’t want to keep quiet.

If you’re having a longing for something more.

If you’re feeling an impulse to take bigger risks, to speak more truths.

If you feel an urgency and restlessness for your life, your work, your place in humanity to be very different.

You’re ready.

And even if those things are not true, but you still have a longing to know what you’re here to do, REALLY.

You’re ready too.

Will It Work For You?

Well, how could it not?

Everything about this work will be customized, tailored, designed-and-only-sized for you to find your REAL purpose. There is no other you, and there is no other way I will work with you than completely attuned to you and your exploration.

And to help you in your exploration, keep in mind you will dislike working with me if:

  • You want a quick and easy way to find your Purpose (we call that finding your Talents)
  • You want me to figure it out for you so you don’t have to do any work
  • Part of you thinks that you have no ability to be anymore than you currently are (well, that’s most of us, so even if you “dislike” this part of our work together, we can tackle this and make huge progress, so come on down!)
  • Your goal is to find a Purpose that only manifests a bigger revenue stream or social standing, because that’s not a REAL Purpose for anyone and there is no energetic impulse behind that (and I can’t pretend anyway- remember I speak “powerful truths”)
  • You have trouble not telling the truth when you’re ashamed (we can work with this, but I’ll need a guarantee for you to try, because I’ll see the truth anyway)
  • You aren’t sure how much you need a Purpose, because you have vacation plans and a potential promotion that may jeopardize taking any action (nah, this won’t work for us)

Stories of How This Has Worked for Others

I have lots of stories about how this work, this process, has made a huge difference for my clients. Things like:

  • Serious jaw-dropping insight into who they are
  • Deep acceptance of their childhood experiences that resolved long-standing stories and conflicts
  • Eye-opening appreciation for powerful gifts that they bring to the world
  • Compassionate awareness of what holds them
  • Customized practices to build specific “muscles” to move into your future
  • Guided exploration of the longings and “whispers from the future”
  • A heart-riveting attachment to themselves when they receive themselves with love and compassion, rather than judgment
  • Canny ability to respond more mindfully to life’s challenges
  • Empathic communication and more robust relationships
  • Activated creativity and innovation by being aligned with the energetic potential
  • An inner calm when dealing with challenges,
  • New capacity to embody strategies to walk toward your Vision with joy and abundance.

What are the Details?

This Activate & Integrate the Power of Your Purpose Personal Coaching program requires Weekly 75-minute meetings for 3 months (or longer if we uncover resistance to your Purpose, or don’t commit to the practices).

You will be required to spend at least 30 minutes per day on specific homework outside of our sessions (and a few weeks will require more time). This will be in journaling, practices, active imagine and other exercises, meditations and other technology.

You will have email access to me between our sessions, or we can schedule additional time (at an additional expense) if needed.

I will also ask that you periodically (weekly) spend time in nature. Nothing helps you get in touch with REAL Purpose like breathing in the cosmos.

If you’d like to learn even more about this 3-month Activate & Integrate Your Purpose Personal Coaching program, including weekly 75-minute sessions, between-session email access, customized homework practices and a personal guarantee of moving into a new life, let’s schedule a complimentary “Unlock Your Big Vision” session to explore whether this program is right for you.

And if you know you are READY for this work, and want to get on my calendar immediately, click Here to Register for the Activate & Integrate Your Purpose Personal Coaching Program.

Feedback from Clients about this Work

“Holly came into my life with unconditional love. Her process of coaching through empowerment was truly magical. She could pinpoint with high accuracy where I was at in my life when I started coaching with her and she helped me find new meaning in life. Always supportive, funny and total joy to work with. I came away with a New Story of my “dark period” of a victim to a whole new perspective and narrative of self-empowerment and life purpose. As a result, now I cherish and honor all my challenges and experiences I have gone through. Much more able to love and accept myself and stand naked in life. Thank you Holly, from the bottom of my heart.” —Tibor Hetei

“You were a partner for me in coming to know myself in a deeper register, helping open me to a whole different way of being in the world, with a whole other world of gifts, capacities, and insights. While my external world looks similar, I’m relating to life from a soulful and purposeful place- it’s like having saturated color in a world that could often appear drab. I feel a freer expression of joy and love, curiosity, experimenting, the deep trust and feeling of home. The feeling like what I’m doing in the world is simply a natural extension of who I am… I so appreciate our partnership in inquiry: the ability to both bring about structure when helpful and to flow with what’s present. I would completely recommend your work to others because you rock!” — Andrew Venezia

“For the first time in years I feel creatively inspired, more in tune with my true nature, and excited about life. the fire is alive and well. Visions and insights come to me every day. It’s been so wonderful, almost like living in full technicolor vs black and white. My creative blocks are virtually gone! This work has, in a sense, really woken me up. The biggest gift of our work together is the feeling of understanding my purpose. I’m no longer willing to hide. I’ve made connections with people that feel like they are in alignment with my life purpose.” – Lynda Baldwin

“I totally recommend you to others because you are client centred, and intuitively guided me. You are at a point in your development where you have a very wide and inclusive perspective. You are warm and compassionate and dang you never seem to drop the ball ever! You catch the smallest seemingly insignificant things that come through and unwrap the gems hidden there. You are just such a pleasure to be with; every time we met I felt lifted and expanded in ways that no one else can offer. I think the best thing is that you are able to show me space to Be, to Live that no one else can. You model or inhabit that space with such grace and I am drawn into higher perspectives and evolution without even knowing it. You’re so beautiful.” – Jacqui Webb

“Working with Holly in a personalized and individualized way is a true gift. Her unique combination of skills and traits (such as her professionalism, guidance, intuition, humor, sensitivity, deep love & care, to name just a few) and the invitations and stretches she extended to me during our work together helped me to gain more clarity and to integrate more deeply my commitment to my Soul Purpose.” — Fabienne Meuleman

Not Ready to Start Now, But Interested Later…

If you are interested, but not sure you’re ready to start now, let’s schedule a complimentary “Unlock Your Big Vision” session to explore what may be holding you back from moving forward in your purposeful life, and what next steps you can take to move forward into that future. Then you can decide when is the right time for you and have a jumpstart on living into your purpose!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to spend each week to get value from the work?

My best guess is that you’ll need 2.5 hours per week to get value from the work, given 75-minutes in session and 30-60 minutes completing an exercise and reflecting on it. As with everything, more practice time is better. And, realize, this isn’t a permanent commitment, just one intended to jump-start your new life. Not asking for much, really…

I may be traveling at some point during our work together, is that a problem?

It’s not a problem if you notify me in advance and we can schedule around it. Life happens, we take vacations and business trips. Enjoy! Just let me know!

I’m not sure why I need to do work on myself if I just want to find my purpose. Why is that necessary?

If you have read this far and don’t know the answer to this question, either read it all again or just understand you have a lot of resistance to learn important things about yourself that will help you find and live into your REAL Purpose. So please re-read this page, and if you still have questions, contact me.

Why Am I the Person to Guide you In this Work…and How Will I Do That?

My name is Holly Woods. Since my early days as a coach about 30 years ago, I’ve been helping people become the best self they could envision. As an early adopter in the personal development and coaching world, I’ve worked in many different arenas with many different types of people. I realized that no matter what your goals or who you are – executive, artist, manager, entrepreneur, mother, retiree, college student- you need to be able to look at and really really know who and where you are before you can figure out where you’re going. And what I figured out over the years is that there are MANY different ways of knowing yourself, and they all contribute to what I call the “stuck” feeling… and that’s why I kept learning and growing, so I could figure out ALL the ways that I was stuck myself.

At some point in my 40’s I realized that I would never end up living my unique genius- my sacred life in work and relationship- until I discovered how to completely overcome the trauma and emotional pain from my childhood experiences. Trauma of any kind (even the daily insults that set us off) causes us up to experience life through an unusually difficult set of filters. I’d been working on my “stuff” since my teens, and it seems there are always more layers of healing to do when you get close to something really important, like an intimate relationship, and especially when you embark on the quest to find your purpose.

The work I had to do on my own resistance, limiting beliefs and neuro-bio-psychological traumas to be available to activate the power of my own REAL Purpose taught me significant lessons about what’s needed to find the courage, insight and perseverance to live into your purpose. I wouldn’t have traded a day of my healing work, because it was perfect for arriving here. And, I can support YOU to do it differently, with more efficiency and grace than my stumbling and circuitous route. Because in this period of time I have figured out what specific technologies and practices are essential to arrive at your life of purpose. It’s not necessarily quick or easy, though I will show you a quicker and more direct route to living your REAL Purpose than the one I took.

In my 35-plus years as a scientist, teacher, mentor and coach, mother and intimate partner, I gained a boatload of skills and techniques that offer you unconditional acceptance and deep insights. I have narrowed down the work to a profound transformational process that will help you better understand yourself and your purpose- namely the 6 Essential Tasks I outlined above.

I’ve been a Coach since 1985 and am a Certified Integral Master Coach™, having trained with Integral Coaching Canada, the “Harvard” of Coaching schools. I’ve trained with globally-renowned Purpose and Vision Quest teachers and mentors (Tim Kelley, Bill Plotkin, Joanna Macy, Derek Rydall) and at the Purpose Guide Institute. I’ve been helping people find their Life Purpose since 2008, and have been refining my skills and methods since.

My educational background includes a PhD in Human Behavior and Human Development, and training as a Professional Mediator™ and Conflict Coach, Somatic Experiencing™, StAGES of consciousness, Next Stage™ Integral Facilitation, Theta Healing™, and Non-Violent Communication. I now serve as faculty at Meridian University and University of Denver Leadership & Organizations program, and have served as faculty at University of Colorado, Colorado Technical University and Colorado Mountain College. I’ve also studied with many well-regarded teachers and am a long-time student of: the enneagram, shamanism, dreamwork, energetic healing, chakras, clairvoyance, meditative and mindfulness practices, Integral theory, human evolution, higher consciousness, We-consciousness, belief work, relationship work, and subtle activism.

I’ve had a nature-based mindfulness practice since childhood, and adopted the practice of  meditation roughly 20 years ago, often exploring various lineages. In the midst of that colorful history, I had quite a few directives from the universe along with mystical experiences that pointed me in the direction of this current work. I’ve been knocked off my feet with visions, awakened in the middle of the night to “callings”, and see, sense and hear through my own guidance systems. I have visions of my future aligned with my Purpose, have energetic access to other Dimensions, and deep gratitude for all that is available to me now.

People often tell me that I come in with a surgical knife (without the sharp blade) to “see” them in ways that no one ever has. I have a deeply intuitive and clairvoyant knowing that serves my own life and those I work with. Seeing you so deeply, with love, compassion and humility, will allow you to easily witness what is holding you back and the gifts of your purpose. I would enjoy sharing these gifts with you to help you on your journey, as it is my own evolutionary genius to truly see you and support you in moving forward into your one sacred life.

What would keep you from choosing your REAL Purpose Life now?

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”     – Hugh Laurie, Actor, Writer, Director

More Feedback from Clients

“I highly recommend this Coaching with Holly Woods to anyone who feels “stuck” in their career, life or circumstances. Holly is a caring, highly qualified individual who is very professional, yet easy to talk to and extremely insightful. Holly helped me discover what my true passions really are, and (more importantly) how to pursue them without feeling guilty. She showed me that I can honor the attributes and skills that have brought me to where I am in life now, while I am embracing a new way of looking at life.”  —Sue Lathrop

“Holly is deeply committed to helping each person she works with identify and release roadblocks that keep them from achieving their goals and dreams. At the same time Holly guides her clients in creating a blueprint for success and personal discovery as they step forward into their best life. Holly is kind, compassionate, enthusiastic and insightful. Her passion for helping others shines through in all she does. I am so very grateful for the support and positive growth I’ve experienced while working with Holly this past year. I recommend her to clients, colleagues and friends often. I encourage anyone who is ready for change in their personal or professional lives to contact Holly. You’ll be glad you did.” —Nancy Robbins

“I have known Holly for over 7 years, and she has worked with me as a coach for the past few months.  As a result of her knowledgeable and creative skills, I now embrace and celebrate my life, am happy, and have learned methods that I can always use on my journey.  Holly has a true passion and an incredible gift to help others see the joy and purpose in their future. She is happy, real, and friendly, and a true professional. I highly recommend Holly & Holly Woods Coaching.” —Alina Miller

“I initially began coaching with Holly not knowing what to expect, or exactly what I was seeking. Holly helped me clarify not only my feelings and thinking, but my goals and direction. I highly recommend working with Holly to anyone seeking deeper growth and clarity in their lives.” —Jenifer Hammond

“I worked with Holly because I was stuck personally and professionally. Holly was better at getting to the heart of my circumstances than anyone in the field of personal development has ever been with me. I would love to keep Holly on speed dial.” —Lael Engstrom

“Dr. Woods comes with amazing experience in troubleshooting life situations. She has tremendous insight into human behavior and truly has your best interests at heart. Very tenacious in her desire to cultivate solutions, she guides her clients through uncharted landscapes of life, mapping the way for others for continuous successful outcomes. I would recommend her to anyone. Trust, integrity and professionalism are just a few words to describe her.” —Charles Antonini

“Holly is a consummate professional who isn’t satisfied until her clients are satisfied. The skills she developed over the years enhance her ability to quickly assess the challenges one needs to address in order to advance personal and professional growth. If you’re feeling stuck, I recommend you talk to Holly.” —Jack Taylor