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Case Studies

Vietnam Vet Repurposes Life, Renews Marriage

You’d think one man’s plea to resolve a long-standing civil dispute might end with a handshake. Who’d imagine that a 67 year old Vietnam vet would not only end the dispute, but also resolve his 40 year PTSD, upgrade his marriage and relieve health conditions while finding new vitality and purpose in his business?

Jack didn’t come to me to find new life purpose or resolve his marital issues. And yet Jack’s longing for “something more” led us to explore aspects of his life that had less meaning, and the beliefs underlying those “empty” parts of his life. Our “purpose” work and tuning into his resistance then led to new energy for a repurposed career and relieved the burden of stress that affected his health, relationships and outlook on life.

Jack’s intense work over the several month timeframe, and then “tune-up” sessions, allowed him to dig into the belief structures that held him to the past and the habits he’d acquired that kept his body stuck in “war” mode. With the energy freed from these constrictions, he was able to reenvision his life and how he wanted to live with more purpose. While he continued as President of a Management Consulting firm, he became more discerning about working with clients who more clearly appreciated his new approach to life.

In military fashion, Jack reports yearly about how well he is doing in his new life.

Mom Joins Son for Business StartUp

Josie’s career had always taken a backseat to her now-grown kids, so when she entered the workforce she chose a straight commission job that sounded interesting but didn’t have great meaning. She quilted and did art projects as a hobby but had never imagined she could pursue her “art” as a career.

As we worked together for six months, Josie discovered her accommodating approach hampered her willingness to step into her creative and entrepreneurial capacity. As often happens when we uncover parts of ourselves, Josie’s discovery was timed perfectly to join forces with her son who was interested in launching a business that integrated his business acumen and her artistic talents.

I highly recommend Purpose Coaching with Holly to anyone who feels “stuck” in their career, life or circumstances. Holly is a caring, highly qualified individual who is very professional, yet easy to talk to and extremely insightful.

Holly helped me discover what my true passions really are, and (more importantly) how to pursue them without feeling guilty. She showed me that I can honor the attributes and skills that have brought me to where I am in life now, while I am embracing a new way of life.

Uncovering the parts of Josie that had limited her self-perception, and the resistance to becoming her in-the-world self helped her to securely step into her role as co-founder of a company with her son and reenergize her creative passions!

Nuptuals Meets Bohemian Art

When Isabella came for Coaching, she knew she didn’t want to be stuck in her current career as a wedding planner forever because it didn’t “feed” her soul. She was disgruntled with the flippant attitudes of the young couples and dissatisfied at not using her real passions in her work. She was longing to figure out why she was stuck in this unhappy life.

Initial exploration into Isabella’s “default purpose” mode revealed that she’d spent a lifetime hiding her bohemian style and passions to increase her “acceptability” in her constrained life. After several months of Coaching and with practice, she discovered what it felt like to live loudly as her full self, and began ceaselessly painting what was alive in her. From that self-revelation, she also reoriented her wedding planning business to serve brides who wanted unusual celebrations that allowed her creative genius.

I initially began coaching work with Holly not knowing what to expect, or exactly what I was seeking. Holly helped me clarify not only my feelings and thinking, but my goals and direction. I highly recommend working with Holly to anyone seeking deeper growth and clarity in their lives.

Not only does Isabella now exhibit and sell her paintings regionally, she also calls herself the Director of Happiness in her one-of-a-kind nuptual consulting business.

Near-Tragedy Leads to Altered Purpose

At times, a near-tragic circumstance is needed to propel someone toward their deepest longing, as was the case for Arjan. He had been navigating a difficult divorce, bankruptcy, job loss and other circumstances that came crashing down and nearly ended his life. Previously Arjan had been in the tech industry, and after these events he was uncertain that he could find meaning there again.

Working with deep acceptance and compassion, we uncovered what Arjan had been resisting about his “way” in the world and explored what would bring more meaning and purpose into his life. While his “default” was to live a small life, he began to claim his voice and found that he wanted to lead others to become more engaged with their own lives.

Holly came into my life with unconditional love. Her process of empowerment was truly magical. She could pinpoint with high accuracy where I was at in my life when I started coaching with her and helped me choose a new standard for me to become. Always supportive, funny and total joy to work with. I came away with a New Story of my “dark period” of a victim to a whole new perspective and narrative of self-empowerment.

As a result now I cherish and honor all my challenges and experiences I have gone through. Much more able to love and accept myself and stand naked in life.

Thank you Holly from the bottom of my heart.

Arjan now works as a Senior Manager in the IT department in a retail industry, inspiring his employees to care for people’s technology needs with attention and care.