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Clear & Empower Your Subtle Energy Structure

You Are WAY MORE Than You Think You Are

Do you feel limited by “leftovers” from the past?

Do you have a “knowing” that you’re more than your mind lets you imagine?

Or maybe the aches and pains of your life keep you living “less than” who you want to be?

You may be living with the belief that you are limited – by your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your spiritual capacity, or the circumstances of your life.

Or, if you’re a Hypersensitive like me, you’re acutely aware of the  world around you- just because it can feel so invasive and unsafe.  And… while your somatic and energetic reactions are very real feedback about the world – your beliefs (about who you are) are just illusions.

Your beliefs about “who you are” are generated by the constrained context and container of your life. The smallish context and container of your life keeps you stuck, challenged, fragile or dependent.

You’re expecting to cope with the world’s expectations with a limited supply of energy. No wonder you feel cramped in there.

At this point, you may imagine that you’re entirely dependent upon your body, mind and spirit to give you what you need regardless of the big-small-short-tall-fatigued-efforting-disillusioned-everything-you’ve-been-through person that you consider yourself to be. You look in the mirror and see your face, four appendages, a core with a bellybutton, and if you’re lucky, some hair on top.

And of course, there’s so much more to you than what you can see. 

Your Human Energy Structure would barely fit within the walls of your home if it were made of solid material.

But it’s not. It’s made up of subtle energy. And, as my teacher Desda Zuckerman, founder of CoreIndividuation™, a brilliant form of energy healing and energy medicine, calls it- it’s your Sacred Anatomy™.

Your Sacred Anatomy™ is made up of various forms of subtle energy, much like your bio layer is made up of various forms of material matter (which is just a denser form of energy, or less subtle). And, more important is that the entire structure can support you on the planet in ways that you don’t experience now.

It’s your individuated energy system that is an extension of Source energy that can expand to meet your expansive capacity as a human.

It’s the miraculous availability of that whole Human Energy Structure that helps you experience your life differently, and which “calls” you into a bigger life.

I’ve been both a client and a student of energy healing and energy medicine for about 15 years, including certifications in several energy healing modalities, all useful and profound in their own way. I knew early in my healing “journey” that there was more to me than the physical body which hosted 12 disorders in 2002 (when the internist referred me to the pain clinic because there was nothing he could do).

I refused to believe there wasn’t something else that would heal me. In fact, I REMEMBERED a part of me that no one could see. How lucky I was to trust my knowing and prove my internist wrong!

I’m now offering the profound healing and amplifying effect of CoreIndividuation™, based on the teachings of Desda Zuckerman, whose magical and mystical life has offered deep spiritual knowing and lessons about our Human Energy Structure (HES).

In addition to the other energy healing and psychic/intuitive modalities I’ve practiced for a decade, I’ve worked with CoreIndividuation™ for more than a year. Its application in my life has created more vitality, freedom from pain and “memories” of the past, eliminated inappropriate energetic relationships with others, and created openings for more ease, flow and joy.

As a Certified Medicine Bag Carrier™, a practitioner of the innovative CoreIndividuation™ modality, I will support you with:

  • Basic Energetic Hygiene and Clearings
  • Support your healthy energetic boundaries to prevent Enmeshment and Merging
  • Remove Hidden Agendas and other Inappropriate Energetic Relationships
  • Release Astral energies (dysfunctional energies that attach to your structure)
  • Release Signatures of drugs, toxins, poisoning, chronic toxicity, illness, injury, traumatic events, or defining issues
  • Perform an Emotional Peel (to release stuck emotional residue)
  • Clear basic Body Parts that are holding onto pain or trauma
  • Strengthen your Human Electromagnetic Field (HEMF) Membrane and structural attachments
  • Soothe and Repair the Radiant Points in your Energetic Template (the nervous system of your HES)
  • Remove Death Weapons (from prior lives)
  • Rebuild your HEMF
  • Vent Trauma and Pain
  • Bring in Replenishing Energies to restore, repair and rejuvenate you.

Because I’m seeing the huge change in my coaching & mentoring clients from this work, I want to offer it to you.

I’m offering a CoreIndividuation™ Clear & Empower Package, a 2-session healing and amplifying package to support you to live into your fullest, most potentiated self, free of the pain, trauma or residue that has kept you living a less fulfilled life until now.

The CoreIndividuation™ Clear & Empower Your Subtle Energy Structure 2-session package is available to you for an introductory rate of $285.

Most sessions last 60-75 minutes. Follow-up sessions are available if needed.

Clients who participate in the TruePower Academy coaching or coursework will be offered a special discount rate (learn more about TruePower Academy coaching/mentoring by clicking on this link) .