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Get SuperPowered™Accelerated Mentoring:

Bi-Weekly Community & Advisory Program

You Already Hold the Power to Create a Magnificent Life.

… What's Holding You Back ?

In this Get SuperPowered™ Accelerated Mentoring, you will:

  • Experience a Bi-Weekly Live Virtual Community Support & Advisory session, with practical teachings and mentoring to accelerate your purpose-driven life and business,
  • Take part in an online virtual Community to have dialogue and get feedback from Dr. Woods, guest Mentors and peers, so you can continue to Explore, Uncover and Live into your Greatest SuperPowers


In this program, you will also:

  • Deeply Anchor the Signature of Your SuperPowers in your Physical and Subtle Energy Structure
  • Recharge the Energetic Vibration of your SuperPowers
  • Boldly Express your SuperPowers in the World with Peer & Mentor Support
  • Uncover what Holds You Back from fully Expressing your SuperPowers
  • Continue to Release the Energetic Blocks, Residue, or Karma that Constrains You
  • Rebuild & Realign Your Subtle Energy Structure to Hold Your New Expression
  • Take Experimental Pivots into Innovative Action Steps and Feedback Loops
  • Use Agile & Lean Business Model Systems to Create Even More Impact
  • Sustain the Support Systems to Manifest Your SuperPowers in your Life and
  • Gain Even Greater Clarity & Confidence as you Boldly Live into your Big Bold Epic Life!

Get SuperPowered™ to Have More Meaning, Impact & Abundance!

Collaborate with Dr. Holly Woods as Mentor, and trained Get SuperPowered™ Peers to Continue Your Activation in a Supportive Community & Advisory Group for a Fuller Expression of Your SuperPowers in this Lifetime!


Continue to Realign With & Life & Work from Your Authentic Divine Nature

Realize & Manifest Important Facets of Your Epic Life Now

Why Community Mentoring?

Because you, like the rest of us, can’t do it alone.

Literally, to continue to accelerate into our SuperPowers, we must be “seen into existence.” Given the current state of the world and the forces that would pull you out of your energetic alignment with your heroic-mythic Self…. arguably we need safe and supportive containers to tend to our unique Magnificence as the exquisite gift that it is.

This Accelerated Mentoring program provides virtual bi-weekly community gatherings with Mentor & Coach Holly Woods PhD, other guest Mentors, and a private Community group to support your continued acceleration into your evolutionary potential.

Because You’re a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Evolutionary Being,

your experience in this program won’t be like any other experience you’ve had, or anyone else’s experience. It will be a One-of-a-Kind program just for this community. And, in this work with Holly, you WILL continue to:
  • Directly contact your inconceivable Magnificent Self, through visualizations, meditations, energy work, and intuition
  • Uncover the patterns of your past and how they reflect your sacred essence AND your childhood wound
  • Uncover Shadow parts that no longer serve you in their current form
  • Negotiate and relinquish limiting beliefs
  • Integrate repressed sub-psychic selves and Shadow elements to create a whole Being
  • Let go of lifetime patterns, habits and wounding that keep you small
  • Imagine, envision and act from your Magnificent Self
  • Create dynamic and innovative pivots into your inconceivable future
  • Develop and implement innovative quantum action plans
  • Take significant steps to build the foundation for your inconceivable future without relinquishing your existing commitments, and
  • Create holographic support structures and guidance systems to see you into your new existence.

You will also receive:

  • 90-minute biweekly sessions with Dr. Holly Woods, other guest mentors, and trained purpose-driven peers
  • Private Community group to support practice exercise review, get feedback and experiment in a learning laboratory
  • Special “Just in time” practices based upon your group desires and progress and based in rigorous human and spiritual development approaches
  • Regular intuitive insights and energetic assessments
  • Updated frequencies and energetic adjustments based on your progress
  • Group energy healing and space clearing work for your projects, initiatives and business
  • Guest mentors, and additional resources and referrals to support your activation
  • Discounted individual coaching or energy healing sessions and
  • Access to Dr. Woods’ multiple modalities based in the science of consciousness and neurobiology, human development, spiritual activation, brain entrainment, and many other fields.
Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Get SuperPowered™ Accelerated Mentoring program?

This Mentoring program facilitated by Dr. Holly Woods, with other invited guest mentors, will serve former (and current) clients of Holly through her TruePower™ Academy and Get SuperPowered™ programs. Because these intensive programs help people arrive at a very deep alignment and activation of purpose in the world, the desire is to support people to continue their ever-deeper purposeful expression in our very complex social structures and human dynamic. Most of Holly’s clients have very deep awareness and activation of their Purpose in the world, and are beginning to (or already) demonstrate deep impact. Clients must have participated in at least 4 coaching & mentoring sessions with Holly.

If you are interested in the Mentoring program and have participated in other Purpose courses or work, please register for a GetSuperPowered™ Initiation 90-minute consultation with Dr. Holly Woods to see if the work is a good fit for you.

If you are interested in the Mentoring program and have NOT participated in work with Dr. Woods or other Purpose courses or work, please register for a 3 month Get SuperPowered™ Activation program or a 6 month Get SuperPowered™ Acceleration program with Dr. Holly Woods to get initiated and activated into your most epic life!

Q: Is there a minimum length of time to participate in the Mentoring program?
The Mentoring program will continue indefinitely to support you in living into your full purposeful potential. The minimum length of time you may participate in 6 months, as which time you will be invited to renew. Because the program is designed to serve as a Community, it is important that we create a safe container of consistency, safety and trust.
Q: What if I already know my SuperPowers or my Purpose- is this Program still useful?
Great question! Knowing your SuperPowers or your Purpose is certainly important for moving forward in a focused and deliberate direction, but it’s not the only parameter for successfully aligning with and expressing your Purpose in an amplified way in the world. Most everybody in this Community will already know their SuperPowers and/or their Purpose. The real challenge is in STAYING aligned with the truth of who you are, NOT getting in your own way with fear and doubt (etc!), and building momentum for your project, business or however you choose to express it in your life fully! Or expanding the expression into other parts of your life!
Q: What will the Community aspect be like? Will I feel supported?
Let’s hope so! First off, the program teachings will be designed based upon the specific needs of the Community participants. You’ll be asked to complete a survey re: the specific issues you’re grappling with to determine how this program can serve you best by Holly and other guest mentors. AND you will be surrounded by a stellar group of very conscious, committed and evolved global citizens who care as much as you do about bringing their big bold work into the world! We’ll have some parameters for participation, and there will be plenty of engagement in the private Community forum to monitor participation, safety and inclusion.
Q: How will this be different or similar to other community groups?
The Get SuperPowered Accelerated Mentoring program will be different in that it will support YOU to:



  • Continue to Reveal your SuperPowers, so you can continue to Catalyze your current Way of Being in the world, and Clarify & Claim your Heroic Vision.
  • Sustain your Realignment with your Magnificence, as you Revive your authentic SuperPowered parts, and Relinquish all that does NOT serve you!
  • And to further Realize your Magnificent life, as you continue to pivot into focused Innovation, and continue to be Inspired by the Impact and Abundance that emerges!

There is NO OTHER community on the planet that holds these goals, nor has this SuperPower container to provide the support needed to accomplish this level of evolutionary work.

The private Peer group is comprised of a unique, evolutionary cohort of humans who are evolutionary warriors intending to create big impact through their bold courageous moves into the future of humanity.

Don’t you want to be a part of that?

Q: When will the live Mentoring sessions be offered?
For now, the Live Mentoring sessions will be offered during two timeslots, to accommodate international participation: once per month on Tuesdays 4:00pm Pacific (GMT-8) and a second session on Wednesdays 12pm Pacific. All sessions will also be recorded and shared via the online Community membership platform for reviewing.

Sessions will begin when there are 6 more more participants enrolled.

If there is enough interest in a different time for Mentoring sessions, we’ll adjust the day or time!

Q: How will the sessions be structured?
Each session will have a short topical teaching by Holly or a guest faculty related to specific challenges experienced by the group (derived from the survey and the private online community). Group dialogue and Q&A will follow, then a small group experience to elaborate and integrate into your own life and work. Additional dialogue and Q&A will complete the session.

These sessions will be the interface of sangha, circle and mastermind, and will evolve to meet the needs of the group.

Q: Still have unanswered questions?
PLEASE feel free to send an email to for any questions about this program. I’m sure others will have the same question, which will help me to post useful information! Thank you for your interest!

What Happens After You Register?

  1. Look for a confirmation email with specific Community Mentoring Registration sessions
  2. Watch your Inbox for special instructions to register for the private Community Mentoring group.
  3. Complete the online survey when it arrives so we can learn more about how you’d like to be supported!
  4. Just SHOW UP to participate in the Community Mentoring sessions and be Ready to Get SuperPowered™.
  5. Make new global friends, potential business partners, and possibly True Love (it’s happened before)!!
  6. Get ready to be more alive, energized, inspired, purposeful, impactful and fulfilled!

What People Say About Working with Dr. Holly Woods:

Work with Holly benefited every sphere of my life - relationships,   work life, and how I see myself. Plus creating my new business. I have more impact now than ever before. Holly masterfully creates a trusting container for deep work. She is empathic, loving, understanding and shows an unparalleled support. Holly opened some important doors for me and guided me with the exact steps I needed to take to enter through those doors at my own pace.

Agathe Daae-Qvale

Founder & CEO TinkerBlue, Former Consulting Senior Manager Sopra Steria

I've been given a map, a way of observing and tying together the loose ends of all the things I do that allows me to have more focus, and be more introspective and clear on how my gifts are expressed. I enjoyed Holly's teachings from various wisdom and self development paradigms.

Michael Zeligs

Founder, Michael Zeligs Productions & Start Motion Media

For the first time in years I feel creatively inspired and excited about life. This work has really woken me up. My creative blocks are virtually gone! I’ve opened the doors to true love. I’m no longer willing to hide. Holly is insightful, highly intuitive, delightful to work with, funny, strong, and a real loving soul. I love that she held me accountable, yet supported me through some seriously rough patches. If you are ready to wake up and start living your true purpose, I highly recommend Holly. If you prefer to live in delusion, choking on your mind, then I would run for the hills.

Lynda Baldwin

Founder & Artist, Lynda Baldwin Fine Arts

Holly understood where I was in my search for a purposeful life. It was deeply spiritual and earth-moving transformational work in areas I didn't expect. I felt so relieved to relinquish the beliefs and roles that limited me. Holly gave me confidence, accountability, courage, and faith in the possiblity that my life could be different. I'm excited to be moving forward in my new business.

Lauren Raymond

Founder & Coach, Life by Design, Instructional Coach & Teacher

I learned from this work with Holly that my skills are invaluable in ways I never imagined. I learned to expand my contributions of "what I do" by acknowledging my gifts and moving through my doubts. Holly was insightful, encouraging, and a great mentor. I am more at peace now. 

Kathleen Motl

Portfolio Manager, Yusen Logistics

“I feel hope, not so constrained. I was tied up with ropes. This was so good, I’m feeling so full with possibility! I know how to move forward and am making phone calls tomorrow!”

Sharon Reinbott

Author/ Composer, Retired Senior Systems Analyst

I am braver, more able to challenge myself and believe I have the capacity to move beyond my small self. I feel safe and have a place for human experience to rest. Holly  inhabits that space with such grace; I am drawn into higher perspectives and evolution without even knowing it. She listens and intuitively guided me more than I was aware. Holly has a wide and inclusive perspective, is warm and compassionate and catches the smallest seemingly insignificant things that come through and unwraps the gems hidden there. She is such a pleasure to be with; everytime we met I felt lifted and expanded in ways that no one else could offer.

Jacqui Webb

Founder, Integral Master Coach, Life Matrix

Holly helped me move through some remaining pieces that were between me and being of service - whether it was interpersonal, developmental, professional or spiritual. Holly is a holistic coach, and it seems there is no terrain she can't travel. She's a truth teller, one of her most powerful gifts, so open your heart and ears, and you'll receive what is important to hear next. She holds space for you to find your truths gently and clearly held so you don't get too far off track!

Megan Lathrop

Founder, Finanseer, Capital One Money Coaching Program

I see myself truly accomplishing things I would have previously just seen as dreams. I am on track and am making things happen. Being on purpose has had a huge impact on my life. I am creating projects for  my future, and not just doing what I need to do to get by.

Sara Vargas Osorio

Documentary Film Producer, Environmental Activist, Student

I have a much better outlook on myself, my capabilities and my business as a result or our work together. I liked the practical homework and pragmatic actions to be taken post session. I'm better off for having worked with Holly and my outlook on life and my outlook on my business is dramatically improved.

Bill Kern

CEO & Founder GoWall, CEO Woodside Global Partners

I’m relating to life from a soulful and purposeful place- it’s like having saturated color in a world that could often appear drab. I feel a freer expression of joy and love, curiosity, experimenting, the deep trust and feeling of home.

Holly helped open me to a whole different way of being in the world, with a whole other world of gifts, capacities, and insights.

Andrew Venezia

Co-Founder, Scientist, Felicity

Holly's professionalism, guidance, intuition, humor, sensitivity, deep love & care, and the way she stretched me during our work together, helped me to gain more clarity and to integrate my commitment to purposeful work. Holly’s insights helped me to tap into the nuance of my unique gifts that I must share with others.

Fabienne Mueleman

Executive Director, Coach, Called By Love

Since work with Holly, I'm collaborating and have more peace through the support. I am more conscious of my limiting beliefs. I loved Holly's demeanor, her energy, her warm heart, I felt that I could be so open with her. She was spectacularly insightful and intuitive with her guidance.

Kristin Robinson

CEO & Founder, Adina Pure Skin Care Products

I am more independent and have more empathy, compassion, desire to do something creative with my life, and use my keen wit and gift for turning lemons into lemonade. Working with Holly benefited me in a multitude of ways. More than I can describe in this brief space but I will say it has been a godsend.

Jonathan Meltzer

Screenplay Writer