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How It Works: The 6 Keys

In the quest to unleash your own potential, and to embrace the innovation, creativity and full expression of your Soul, you will also remove the constraints that keep you small.

The gap between who you are now and who you can be, has eluded you because you’ve been living in a constricted way

Get Out of the Way of Your One Sacred Life

You must release yourself from the constraints of your current human life. The vast majority of those constraints live as somatic, emotional, mental or energetic constrictions in your body-mind-heart human form.

The constrictions that keep you from living into your own potential and purpose can be released and dissolved with specific new technologies that will liberate you from your current limited way in the world.

A butterfly cannot emerge from a cocoon if the cocoon is so impenetrable that she cannot get out.

And to unleash your human potential, you also will begin to imagine a possibility that doesn’t exist. If your natural reaction to the world around you is of fear and resistance, you cannot begin to imagine the vision or purpose that wants to emerge.

That same butterfly won’t follow the impulse to flap her new wings if she cannot imagine a possibility beyond what she already knows- namely, that a caterpillar doesn’t fly!

We fear uncertainty because we imagine that what we know is somehow better than what we don’t. Who are we to question what great things may be coming our way, just because we can’t imagine them yet?

At this point, knowing what we know, what it takes to follow through in becoming your best Human Self- that which is your divine purpose- is Courage. Not the kind of courage that requires a shield and sword, but the kind that vulnerably walks into the night, not knowing what will emerge in the shadows.

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. Sarah Williams, in “The Old Astronomer”

And in my long, circuitous and challenging journey to grow up and wake up (read more about my experiences here), I’ve been blessed with many enlightening experiences, endured many dark nights, encountered many of the world’s great teachings, studied with masters and mentors, and emerged with clarity and insight as to what is required for uncovering human potential in service to bringing your fullest Self to this one precious life.

Allow me to share the gifts of my long journey with you to liberate your own soul’s potential, and to support you in your individual, team or collective work. Transformation of the human mind-body-heart-soul, and the liberation of your own Evolutionary Genius™ and your fullest potential, can be accomplished by exploring the

Six Keys to Unlock Your Soul Purpose™

Task #1

Clarify your Purpose

When you align with the energetic impulse of your purpose, you create harmony with evolution. When you tap into the energy of your purpose- deep soul level awareness of your unique existence in evolution- you will acknowledge and liberate your personal brand of genius. In fact, no one else can offer what you are here to offer. By clarifying your purpose, you will tap into the passion, motivation, focus and clarity that only comes through a personal vision of your One Unique Life. If your goal is not to gain possessions, but to come into possession of your fullest self, this work is for you. The energetic flow from this alignment with your purpose will yield synchronicity, generativity and ease.

Task #2

Manage your Energy

Management of the energy and energetic shifts in your life will create stability and allow you to focus on your vision of who you can be, rather than the everyday challenges that keep you stuck. Having a nuanced awareness of the types of physiologic and energetic shifts, and creating optimal opportunities for those shifts (and management of them) will allow you to:

  • integrate and release stuck energy from trauma,
  • create a balanced neurologic regulatory system,
  • transmute negative emotions,
  • enhance your somatic awareness, and
  • promote stillness and awareness (to further tap into your innate knowing or higher guidance).

And the benefits of managing your energy in this way will increase your productivity, creativity and innovation, refresh your relational capacity, and promote a greater equanimity which leads to more joy and delight in the world.

Task #3

Liberate your Ego

Removing the ball and chain of your constrained ego will be like a “do over” in life, yielding creativity, innovation, joy, calm and gratitude. When you accept and integrate parts of yourself that you had rejected or denied, you become the “whole” self that will help you have integrity or workability that will create impetus to move forward into your future. Using the research-based and wholistic mind-body-heart-soul focused Integral Meta-Theoretical framework, our work together will:

  • expand your stage of consciousness,
  • build specific capacities or “muscles” to promote a more wholistic, integrated and sustainable interaction with life,
  • remove the defensive “armoring” that keeps you locked inside your limited self due to fear and resistance,
  • develop an open and conscious awareness,
  • grow into a more expanded orientation to the world,
  • stabilize in your current life to promote a greater sense of joy, and
  • develop a self-love and self-acceptance of how your limitations have served you that will allow the expanded and more robust you to emerge.

Your expanded body-heart-mind Self will be more prepared to grow into your potential and the emergent future.

Task #4

Listen to Guidance

Listening to inner guidance of your body-heart-mind-soul opens the doorway to direction from the greater field of consciousness, creating even more alignment. Attuning to your purpose drives evolution in your favor, aligning resources to support you, and creates opportunistic synchronicity to occur. When you call upon your intuitive inner guidance, and ultimately your higher guidance, you’re tapping into the natural impulse of the cosmos. As you release any physical, emotional or psychic constraints that limited your access to the whispers from the future, you will:

  • gain support for your challenging decisions,
  • receive guidance for direction and focus,
  • gain confidence in your ability to hear, see and sense the future,
  • tap into support systems from the consciousness itself, and
  • gain a greater confidence in your own potential and the future you’re beginning to imagine.

Being attuned to the whispers of the energetic impulse of your own and higher guidance allows you to move into your highest potential swiftly and surely, with little or no doubt about direction.

Task #5

Provoke your Imagination

Envisioning where you’re going moves your future from inconceivable to believable, so that your will and enthusiasm propel you forward. Your capacity to evoke images and sense the future is vital to allow you to be pulled (and carried) into your fullest potential and your unique destiny. Leaning and living into the uncertainty becomes easier when you can have faith in potential beyond what you can currently imagine. A capacity to imagine the future requires a creativity that you may currently believe you can’t access, or that is stifled by some limiting beliefs about your future or your innate capacity to create, innovate or to listen to the powerful imaginative faculty that is already coming through you. When you can better imagine (and envision) the path and the outcome of your potential, you will follow the whispers of the future as if the yellow bricks on the road were all pointing in the right direction and you just have to put one foot in front of the other. In this way, you will learn to believe in the miracles of emergence.

Task #6

Embody & Integrate

After you uncover your Purposeful direction and clear the constrictions and constraints, you can begin to integrate the elements of your Purpose into your very real embodied life. The path forward, from “knowing” or finding your Purpose, and then integrating it into a manifested form in the material world, requires patience, commitment, experimentation, imagination, wisdom, action, flexibility, self-compassion, paradigm-shifting and an increased perceptual awareness of the contexts in which you live and the willingness to make decisions from/for the collective rather than a holonic separate self.

Services & Offers with Holly

All methodologies and services are provided with a foundation in the research-based and wholistic mind-body-heart-soul- focused Integral Meta-Theory designed to advance individual, team or collective human development and consciousness-based awareness. Holly Woods Coaching & Consulting brings 35 years of experience in consulting with leaders, executives, teams, and community groups using coaching and consulting, mentoring, teaching and training as a Master Integral Coach™ and many other professional qualifications. Read more about Holly’s expertise in these areas.

Purpose Guiding™

Holly Woods Coaching & Consulting provides a deep soul-centered inquiry to live into your unique evolutionary genius. We will use an evolutionary approach to guide you to your unique contribution by focusing on the upper world of spirit, the middle world of ego, and the lower world of soul by creating an enlightened awareness of your unique gifts, modes of expression and vision for the world.

Register for a complementary Crystal Ball Session with Holly to explore the facets of your purpose.

You can work with Holly either in the 2-session Explore Your Purpose package or the more extended Activate Your Purpose personalized coaching package.

Developmental Coaching & Mentoring

All personal Coaching and Mentoring will focus on the unique challenges that you bring to the table. Holly Woods Coaching & Consulting has a long history of working in the special areas of Master Integral Coaching, Purpose Guiding, Leadership, Career Transition, Relationships, Overcoming Shadow, Spiritual Bypass, and Healing Stress & Trauma.

Consulting with Businesses & Corporations

Holly Woods Coaching & Consulting provides consulting and training to small and medium sized business to promote more effective and efficient leadership, build infrastructure with integrity to the vision, increase capacity among leaders and teams, and to support conscious decisions about organizational structure. Areas of consultation specialty include:

  • Management and Relational Strategy,
  • Resource & Infrastructure Assessment and Design,
  • Learning & Development Systems and Training,
  • Leadership Development and Capacity-Building;
  • Change Management Strategy,
  • Project Development and Management,
  • Partnership Negotiation and Facilitation,
  • Integral Facilitation, Negotiation and Mediation, and
  • Conflict Prevention and Management Systems

Training & Teaching for Personal or Team Development

Holly Woods Coaching & Consulting provides training and teaching opportunities for personal or career-focused developmental purposes upon request, taking the form of seminars, workshops and retreats. These experiences can support your business, community, spiritual or interest-focused group. We will work together either in-person, online or in a blended format.


Holly Woods PhD will educate, inspire and catalyze your groups or audiences to open their heart-mind-soul to their own potential and purpose, focusing on the Five Essential Tasks (link to How it works page) for Unleashing Human Potential of a Purpose-Driven Life. Dr. Woods is also a Certified Integral Master Coach™, Professional Mediator®, a Purpose Guide™ Apprentice, and trained in Integral Facilitation, StAGES of Consciousness, Organizational Development, and Somatic Experiencing, in addition to having numerous other skills, talents and gifts. Read More about Holly’s bio.

Feedback from Clients about this Work

I highly recommend this Coaching with Holly Woods to anyone who feels “stuck” in their career, life or circumstances. Holly is a caring, highly qualified individual who is very professional, yet easy to talk to and extremely insightful. Holly helped me discover what my true passions really are, and (more importantly) how to pursue them without feeling guilty. She showed me that I can honor the attributes and skills that have brought me to where I am in life now, while I am embracing a new way of looking at life.  —Sue Lathrop

Holly is deeply committed to helping each person she works with identify and release roadblocks that keep them from achieving their goals and dreams. At the same time Holly guides her clients in creating a blueprint for success and personal discovery as they step forward into their best life. Holly is kind, compassionate, enthusiastic and insightful. Her passion for helping others shines through in all she does. I am so very grateful for the support and positive growth I’ve experienced while working with Holly this past year. I recommend her to clients, colleagues and friends often. I encourage anyone who is ready for change in their personal or professional lives to contact Holly. You’ll be glad you did. —Nancy Robbins

I have known Holly for over 7 years, and she has worked with me as a coach for the past few months.  As a result of her knowledgeable and creative skills, I now embrace and celebrate my life, am happy, and have learned methods that I can always use on my journey.  Holly has a true passion and an incredible gift to help others see the joy and purpose in their future. She is happy, real, and friendly, and a true professional. I highly recommend Holly & Holly Woods Coaching. —Alina Miller

Holly came into my life with unconditional love. Her process of coaching through empowerment was truly magical. She could pinpoint with high accuracy where I was at in my life when I started coaching with her and she helped me find new meaning in life. Always supportive, funny and total joy to work with. I came away with a New Story of my “dark period” of a victim to a whole new perspective and narrative of self-empowerment and life purpose. As a result, now I cherish and honor all my challenges and experiences I have gone through. Much more able to love and accept myself and stand naked in life. Thank you Holly, from the bottom of my heart. —Tibor Hetei

I initially began coaching with Holly not knowing what to expect, or exactly what I was seeking. Holly helped me clarify not only my feelings and thinking, but my goals and direction. I highly recommend working with Holly to anyone seeking deeper growth and clarity in their lives. —Jenifer Hammond