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After nearly 40 years of doing “the work” of trying to become a better human, sometimes I still get confused. And overwhelmed.

I mean, if I didn’t know the answer already, my everyday prayer (lament) would go something like…

“God (Buddha, cosmos, the “field), Isn’t it enough that I do my darndest to live a surrendered life? You want every single action (really, all of them?) to come from that place too?”

But, you see, it’s useless. I already know the answer. No point in whining about it.

They all count. Every single last one of them. In fact …..

… every single decision, action, behavior… even all my thoughts… are either aligned with who I really am, and aim to be. Or they’re not.

I even have to even be careful about who I think about, and what I think about them. If there’s somebody I’m resisting communicating with, and I’m pondering how much I don’t want to talk to them… guess what?

They call. Of course. Because the universe doesn’t know if that’s a positive or negative valence attached to my focused thoughts of resistance. I’m putting it out there as something that’s important to me, and the universe responds in kind.

So I’m learning to only think the thoughts that I want turned into reality, because thoughts become things.

And, from my vantage point, it’s no longer enough to practice my internal Dharmic-like dialogue with the hopes of making fortunate things out of good thoughts.

Because every single action I take will have a reciprocal (and often exponentially larger) reaction to reinforce where I’m going.

Purposefully or not.

No matter whether it’s an act of kindness or a snide remark. A commitment to charity or a selfish behavior. A focused effort or sloppy delivery. Every good intent or right action (or it’s converse) will shower me (and you) with a reciprocal (and synchronistic) gift that teaches us the true power of the cosmos.

While practicing pure and peaceful thoughts, or mindfulness (which has quickly slipped into the mainstream) is useful for creating inner calm and peace, it won’t resolve any of your life’s dilemmas if the rest of your day is out of whack.

Alignment with who you really are – e.g., your Dharma, your Purpose-  is not something you do during meditation or prayer, or at work when you’re motivated, or on Saturdays after a good cup of coffee or post-workout.

Real alignment happens when you endeavor to make every action, thought, behavior, decision and intention focused on the direction of your Purpose. When you know where you’re aiming. And then amplify your Dharma through action.

First Aim. Then Align. Then Amplify your Dharma into action beyond your wildest expectations.

It’s time to get out of your Dharma closet and into the action of your Purpose.

Two things I’d like to encourage you to do, now.

First, join me in an online Dharma Summit which starts May 1st. Listen in to my interview airing on May 24th and you’ll experience a guided visualization to help you align with your Purpose.

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Holly Woods PhD is a TruePower™Activator.

As a Master Coach™ and Purpose Guide™, I mentor leaders, entrepreneurs and social change agents who want to make a bigger impact through meaningful work. I help them aim toward their authentic purpose, align with who they really are and less of who they are not, and amplify their TruePower™ to live a bigger life. I have facilitated transformation for 35 years among these exceptional people. Are you among them?