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Faith, these days, is an elusive quality.  It’s hard to muster under the circumstances of our lives.

Faith is believing in what’s possible, despite the prevailing data around you. In fact, a basic challenge to your faith is that what you see, and seems real, is not. It’s what makes the “unknown” so scary.


The paradoxes of our lives are more significant than ever.


Here are two paradoxes that you may or may not be aware of that affect your everyday reaction to life.

PARADOX #1 : When you look at the world around you, you see the impossible contradiction of what’s currently manifesting in the material world (e.g., environmental degradation, poverty, endless bigotry and other man-made ills), and contrast that with “what’s possible” (i.e., knowing the financial and material and resources are already available to turn things around- for example see solutions for climate change, poverty, racism, gender bias and LGBTQ rights).

PARADOX #2: If you look inside, at your own internal experience, you may have a deep desire to make a difference in the world, and also a deep disillusionment and dread about the seeming intransigent reality of overcoming so much horror.

Faith. It’s so hard to muster.

A spiritual teacher once shared with me that Basic Faith is having a belief that the Universal Source will provide, in all situations, and that everything will always turn out perfectly no matter what the seeming incoherent reality appears.

That one has been a lot to chew on, given my own life.

And that’s even given the fact that I’ve surrendered, fully, to whatever conditions and reality appears, to follow the sacred inspiration as it occurs. Given it hasn’t always “gone well” (according to my egoic needs for safety and comfort)….

…let’s just say that “basic faith” has felt pretty iffy at times.

And recently, even as recent as this past year… I decided to try an experiment.

Given I’m (also) a scientist, here were the experimental conditions:

If, in fact, this “basic faith” stuff could work, I would have to TOTALLY BELIEVE without a doubt that everything would be OK if my decisions were aligned with the guidance I was receiving and with my soul’s purpose.

I know this sounds far-out and whack-a-doodle, but I decided it was worth a shot. I mean, other decisions I’d made weren’t necessarily getting me closer to my highest potentiation, so why not?

And, to be clear, I’ve chosen to integrate what we know about how the universe actually works (via the conceptual and now practical models of Unified Physics) and my own spiritual beliefs from many traditions and lineages.

So… a couple of preconditions:

  • I had to figure out how to have NO DOUBT (I had to learn how to give up ALL of my limiting beliefs, every last one of them), and
  • I had to know more acutely where I wanted to go (I had to know the specific expression that I was trying to manifest).

If you know me well, you know that in the past year I’ve moved twice, left and started relationships, changed my nuanced expression of WHO I work with (people who are bringing in their most sacred work, or their highest calling)… and now live on a biodynamic in northern California with more relationships and friends than Basic Faith has an explanation for.

So long story short… it’s still a work in progress, and by most measures, the experiment has gone well. I don’t think it’s done… and I have a lot more to learn from the feedback loops about how to turn 3D reality into 5D+ systems.

I started off wanting to tell you about how this relates to the emerging Unified Physics that I’ve been studying… because it’s all holofractographic according to Nassim Haramein… I’ll spare you the details, if you can possibly believe me that the Universe if fighting for you, on your behalf, to overcome ALL obstacles that appear to stand in your way.

Because, of course, nothing stands in your way. It’s just an illusion.


If you were playing tug-of-war with the Universe- you would win.

There is nothing BUT Faith. It’s all there is. It guides your every decision and action.

And my overwhelming urge is tell you not to wait. There is no (rational) reason to resist moving into your highest calling, your most potentiated life.


You- living into your highest calling and biggest impact – are already there. It’s waiting for you to grasp it.


As part of the holofractographic reality that we know exists… you are already it.

You just have to name and claim it.

And frankly, there’s too much work to do to turn this all around for just a few of us to be living here aligned with our highest purpose.

Ready to participate in the experiment (that can’t fail, if you have Faith)?


Sign up here for an Unlock Your Big Vision and let’s explore what your experiment would look like. Or if you’re ready to move into your big experiment, your highest calling, let’s get started and Aim Toward Your Wild Beyonder!

Holly Woods PhD. is a transformational coach and mentor who guides you to rediscover the truth of who you are, release the limitations that keep you small, and reinvent yourself so you can accelerate living into your authentic truth and abundant potential. She is the Founder of the TruePower Academy.