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Do you ever tell yourself that you don’t have enough energy for the demands of this crazy world?

That somehow life has gotten too hard, or you’re unprepared for the challenges that you’re now facing?

We all have days like this.  Being human is NOT for wimps.

And a lot of your energy drain is related to your fear. You may have big fears about money, relationship, work. Maybe you worry about having an impact. And you have little fears like how you appear in the world, do people like you, what are you going to do about your weight.

The voices are endless- the inner critic, the saboteur, the doubter, the shamer, the hider, the one who doesn’t believe it’s all going to work out … You know what I’m talking about.

And, now I also know…we are perfectly designed for being here, living into our true power and abundant potential, even if the world does provide triggers that make us hugely uncomfortable.

You are much more powerful, and prepared for all this, than you think you are.

And for me, knowing THAT makes a huge difference.

Before, when I thought I was this small mostly-biological Skinbag-with-a-Brain Self, I seemed fragile, ridiculously vulnerable, and was buffeted about by stormy days, annoying people, noisy crowds and the chatter in my own head. I was sick a lot, and developed immune-related pathologies. My body basically crumpled against the imposing demands of life and our culture.

And then something happened. The first time I received an “energy” healing – trying to recover from one of these immune-related illnesses that took me out- I was shocked to feel the energy moving all over my body.

With all my years as a medical, behavioral and human development scientist and practitioner- how had I not known about this energy before? I wanted to know what I was feeling, and how did it work.

I became obsessed with understanding the subtle energy systems within and around my body. Even became certified in several energy healing modalities. And I healed as I became an avid yogi and amp’ed up my meditation practice … anything I could do to feel this wave of subtle energy in my body that made me feel more alive, embodied and engaged.

But it still wasn’t enough. No matter how developed or healthy or healed or“awakened” I was, I was still overwhelmed by the pace of work and life demands. The experience of being “not enough” was routine, no matter how hard I “tried” or “surrendered”. My desire to be more “on purpose” and impactful was sabotaged by the regularity of being wiped-out by the strain of everyday life.

In fact, the more I healed and awoke, the challenges seemed bigger, not smaller. I was so confused. It seemed I was being carried out by a riptide (my fear and reactivity) in an otherwise calm (yogic-like) sea.

If the universe only gives us what we can handle, why does it feel so overwhelming at times?

Until recently.

I realized it wasn’t about the “things” that came my way that were unsettling or downright painful, it was my lack of capacity to be impervious to them. Either I wasn’t fully embodied, or I was overreacting, or perhaps I wasn’t using my energy wisely.

Turns out it was all of those things, and more.

I learned that we are SO MUCH MORE than we think we are. Of course you’ve heard we are spiritual beings in a human body, but that’s only a half-truth. We are actually spiritual beings in a Human Energetic Structure that is seven full layers more than the biological layer that you can see.

When I began studying with Desda Zuckerman, founder of CoreIndividuation™ and the teachings of the Sacred Anatomy, and being treated with the innovative clearings and protocols of CoreIndividuation™-  absolutely everything shifted.

So, in fact, the energetic structure that exists around us is far more than the three-foot aura you’ve been told about, and contains far more support than you imagine. Rather than living in a morass of unknown energetic boundaries, your Human Energy Structure is designed to be liked your customized “teleportation limousine”, as it literally pampers you into existence through space and time. While your body may die, your Human Energy Structure (and the Soul inherent in it) lives on.

I know this may sound far-fetched. So did getting to the moon. And smartphones. And quantum non-locality. Until you see or experience something, your logical linear mind wants to dismiss the possibility that something is real.

Your much-larger-than-life-as-you-know-it Human Energy Structure can support you far more than you know, so that you can respond to life from a more resilient and empowered place. By doing so, you can be the most available human and energetic structure possible, to live into your true power and purpose.

Thus, the imperative for acknowledging and clearing your Human Energy Structure helps you create a greater presence, live at your edge, manage your human electromagnetic field (yes, your very personal HEMF!), stay grounded in your own fuel tank, and rid yourself of all the residue and gunk that has accumulated (and continues to do so) and respond proactively to the onslaught of daily existence.

In fact, by releasing the residue or stuck energy in your structure, you release “all that you are NOT”, and thus create space to allow the true essence of you – “all that you are” –  to be liberated and demonstrated in the world. You can’t manifest from essence if you are clogged up, contracted and withdrawn- hiding in a structure full of residual untruths.

By living in a clear and empowered structure, you become MORE of who you are, and LESS of who you are not.

And (this is almost unfathomable, if it weren’t for my own observation of how this happens), when your Human Energy Structure “knows” what you’re up to, it responds eagerly and literally “calls” you into a greater manifestation of who you really are. From there, the true power of your whole structure, aligned with Purpose and coming from Source energy, can powerfully propel you into your magnificent abundant future.

Want some of that?

I’m now offering CoreIndividuation™ sessions, both within my TruePower™ Academy programs and separately. And for a very short time, I’m offering a 2-session package to Clear & Empower your Human Energy Structure at a HUGE discount. The discount is available ONLY through July 31, 2017. Learn more about this work and my Clear & Empower package here. After that, price goes up, though you can still access this innovative methodology after July 31 as well.

Join me. It’s heaven inside your Human Energy Structure.


Holly Woods PhD coaches and mentors adults who feel overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued, and who want more meaning in their lives. She helps them find direction by Aiming toward their true Purpose. Aligning by letting go of what no longer serves them, and Amplifying their meaning and impact by walking courageously into their abundant potential.