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Do you hear yourself telling others that “this is how I do it”, and are pretty certain that it’s the way it ought to be done?

Or maybe you start sentences with “I am _____”, or “I believe _____” (fill in the blank with something you hear yourself saying).

The challenge with any firm statements about your identity is that you believe them, and reinforce your belief in them, as you repeat them. And they “freeze” you in a certain point in spacetime that doesn’t actually allow you to imagine being something different, much less actually create the potential to be something else.


Your definitive self-assessment puts you on auto-pilot to be exactly what you’re projecting.


So you automatically confirm your limiting bias about yourself. And you do the same to others, if you’re projecting a frozen snapshot onto someone else.

The next time you hear yourself saying any of these phrases, think again about whether that attribute is still true (for sure), or whether you can imagine another possibility for yourself:

  • I am ____,  I do ____,  I believe ____,  (of course) I can ____
  • I’m not ___,  I don’t ____,  I disbelieve ____,  I can’t ____

What would it be like to let go of any of these conceptions of yourself? What could emerge then?

Living a purposeful life requires you to have a more fluid identity, letting go of your fixed beliefs, so you can evolve into a more authentic truth of who you really are, rather than who you currently think yourself to be.

 Are you ready to let go of some limiting (or fixed) beliefs about yourself and move into the work and life you’re meant to live?

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Holly Woods PhD. is a transformational coach and mentor who guides you to rediscover the truth of who you are, release the limitations that keep you small, and reinvent yourself so you can accelerate living into your authentic truth and abundant potential. She is the Founder of the TruePower Academy.