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leap across chasmI’m taking a leap.

It’s a leap of faith, basically, that my life will be as good as it is now on the other side of the leap. And I know it will, but it doesn’t mean it’s been easy, or there hasn’t been serious stretching involved.

And here’s the leap. In August, I’m moving with my youngest daughter to the northern San Francisco Bay area. My eldest daughter is headed to college on the east coast, and my husband and I have decided to complete our marriage of 11 years. While this all creates a HUGE life transition (both scary and exciting), I’m ready to move to the next phase.

But I couldn’t have taken this leap if I hadn’t been doing my work for a while. To rid myself of limiting beliefs, bad habits, emotional stuckness and trauma. To eliminate the negative energy. To listen to all the things my body tried to tell me for years. And especially to overcome my lack of faith in Spirit or Source or God, whatever name you give the Divine, and the consciousness that comes with that.

I had to move past all the things that keep us stuck, in the places that we are.

And just to be clear, I had a choice. I could have stayed in that place the rest of my life. It has been a decent life, actually a good life. But I knew I had to move forward, to have the best life that I could hardly imagine, but knew was out there for me.

Because the cost of not living my best life was too high. I knew there were things I hadn’t figured out that were keeping me stuck, and kept me in a reactive, stressed, disappointed and frustrated mode much of the time. For years, I ran from the pain, ran from myself.

The irony was that I’d been doing work for years- self-help books, seminars, graduate degrees, therapy, meditation, my own research, mediation, working in the field of personal development in numerous ways. You name it, I’d done it to try to get unstuck. But it didn’t free me from who I was and how I was in the world. And I was ashamed that I hadn’t figured it out yet, silly as that may be.

And the truth was, I was hiding behind my armor, the protective skin that I thought kept me safe but really only kept me shielded from the truth about who I was and what was keeping me shackled.

So, like you, much of my life I was scared to death to peel away the layers, every last one of them, because I would be too vulnerable, too ashamed, too afraid of how to do it naked.

I’ve decided that naked is good.

With nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose, and you get to be your real self.

The best possible version of you. The YOU that you can’t imagine, with a life better than you think you deserve. A life without limits.

I’d love to help you be that best self. You know I have tons of training and experience, and all the right credentials. But it’s this last step, of learning to peel back all the layers, that will make the difference for you. It did for me.

It’s not just about endings and beginnings, though that’s part of what happens when you do the work. It’s about an eye-opening, heart-uncovering, deep-down accepting process that honors who you are now and how you relate to the world. So you can move past what keeps you stuck.

If you’re ready to take a leap- because you know there’s a life that you’re meant to live, but don’t have yet- then let’s do it.

Contact me for a free Take a Leap Session. All I’m asking you to do is click on this link to take a short confidential survey. The survey will arrive in my email inbox and then I’ll contact you. We’ll set-up a time to talk by phone and figure out if I can help you or not. This free session will help you to:

  • Help you figure out what’s keeping you stuck
  • Uncover the barriers to moving forward
  • Talk about what it would take to find your new way
  • Create some steps to prepare you for YOUR leap

Here’s the link to the survey for the Take a Leap session- Click it NOW:  Take a Leap Survey

And because I have a bunch of packing boxes with my name on them, I can only help 10 people Take their Leap in the next month. So click on this link now, answer the questions, and let’s get connected.

It may seem scary, to know that there is another life out there waiting for you and all you have to do is open the door. But you don’t have to complete relationships, move to another state or country, pack any boxes, or even literally get naked, to find that life. Your best life may be staring you in the face right where you are, but you can’t see it behind your shields.

Let’s talk about what it would take for you to be able to see it with fresh eyes.

I know you have it in you to take that leap too.

Click here. Take the first step toward your Leap.

Or if you know someone who needs a little nudge to Take a Leap, forward them this post so I can help them create their best life.

And, If you know anyone in the San Francisco Bay area that I should meet (new friend? new colleague?) and you’d be willing to make an introduction, I’d love it if you’d sent me a quick email or message and tell me more.

And lastly, If you haven’t already, Click Here to download my free e-Book Calm Your Body & Mind, Reduce Your Stress: 10 Easy Ways to Counteract Life’s Rollercoaster to learn specific steps to reduce the stress in your life.


Holly Woods, Ph.D. helps adults who want to wake-up to a life without limits. She works with people in-person, by skype or phone, using Integral Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, energetic healing, mindfulness and other modalities. Click here to contact her.