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Remember when the world was flat? Or so they thought.

It wasn’t until Aristotle first proposed a spherical Earth based on actual physical evidence that anybody really believed that the Earth was a sphere, not a disk.

And so it goes with every disruptive innovation, each new paradigm- every rebel cause.

We don’t believe it til we see it. And even then,  the rebel cause defies all odds… because we’re programmed to hold beliefs that tell us it’s a certain way.

And then it shifts.

Like now. The planet and our global human culture are undergoing such massive shifts right now… of course you feel it. It feels crazy, and you feel unsafe and slightly insane.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s all bad or you wish it would be over, because it’s so uncomfortable.

But, we needed these shifts! … the shifts in the actual power structures… in recognition of personal responsibility for the planet…from dominant masculine hierarchies to more feminine co-creative and generative structures…from stifling conformity to wild vulnerability…


… literally, it had to happen this way.

And it’s still uncomfortable.

And you’re uncomfortable primarily for 3 reasons:

  • You have a subtle energetic structure (that you’re probably not even aware of) that responds to the world,
  • Your subtle structure gets triggered because of the residue it holds, and when that happens,
  • You and your structure respond to the world from a place of incapacity.


When your subtle energetic structure is cluttered with the residue  of your current (and past) life experiences, it’s like driving a car with a gas tank full of gunk!

You sense and feel the energetic shifts going on around you WHILE being in a structure that’s working at half or near zero capacity. No wonder it’s uncomfortable!


And here’s a little-known fact about the work you’re doing to become more conscious.

Even if you’re already working to keep yourself “clear” of life’s patterns, as you become more conscious, you also increase your attunement to the world around you. This means you actually feel things with more clarity, and sensitivity… including the energy that is a part of every human dynamic, and every living being and non-living object on the planet.

So, really, you need a new way to relate to all of this in your more-attuned structure.

You’ve been doing the work, and you thought it would be easier (so did I)!

But you not only need to understand your structure better, and clear it and eliminate the residue that keeps you from being fully present, but you also need new tools and new ways to integrate those tools.

The old way – of taking care of your physical body (and doing non-specific energy clearings if you’re smart!) – isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Where we’re going… the new way of being on this planet…


We need new tools for the new rules of humanity.


It’s time for you to get a Clear and Empowered subtle energy structure to stay safe and sane in a crazy world. Keeping your subtle energy structure clear and free of residue will not only help you “feel” better and less crazed, it will also give you more: confidence, energy, ease, empowerment, and more resilience to face the world.

Stop the craziness now.

Get some new tools to create a new way.

And for ONE MORE WEEK (til July 31)… I’m offering a discounted Clear & Empower package, a two-session healing and amplifying package to support you to live into your fullest, most potentiated self, free of the pain, trauma and residue that has kept you living a less fulfilled life til now.

So now’s the time to try it out. Get clear. Get empowered. Get less crazy!



Holly Woods PhD coaches and mentors adults who feel overwhelmed, overworked and unfulfilled, and who want more meaning in their lives. She helps them find direction by aiming toward their true Purpose, become aligned with who they really are by letting go of what no longer serves them, and amplify their meaning and impact by walking courageously into their TruePower™ and abundant potential.